Friday, January 30, 2009

Taste the Flavor!

My man Applejac adds some delicious house flavor to Jesse Boykins III's Itis. Look out for more remixes from Applejac and visit his blog for great dj mixes. Make sure you pick up The Beauty Created if you havent already. Support the Artists!

EXCLUSIVE: Jesse Boykins III - Itis (Applejac's Sounds of Mecca Remix)

MORE: Check out this JBIII's video for Pantyhose which is quickly gaining mad media attention!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

...::Sounds Dope::..

Duane Powell returns with Sound Rotations Episode 4. Get your fix of the latest & greatest HERE Artists include Jesse Boykins, Mabanua, Brittany Bosco, Kissey Asplund and more!

You gotsta get this one by Theophilus London! I heard two tracks off of it so far, TNT and Cold Pillow and love them. get the mixtape HERE

Q-Tip returns with a remix from one of my favorite hidden songs on the album. Never one to roll solo, he brings a posse along consisiting of Bus-a-Bus, Raekwon and Lil Wayne

Q-Tip; Busta Rhymes; Raekwon; Lil Wayne - Renaissance Rap Remix

Vinyl? Check! # 16: Not "Mellow, Mellow", but Right On!

Another dope album from Quincy Jones, created 2 years before I was born. As usual he's assembled an all star cast AND this album served as the introduction to The Brothers Johnson and Patrice McWilliams. If the latter's name sounds familar, she was a background singer for Luther Vandross and Big Brooklyn Red mentioned her in his interview with me HERE.

Patrice McWilliams serves as the lead vocalist on the title track, Mellow Madness. The track isnt as mellow as it is sexy. Maybe it's the words and how they're repeated; you know phrases like "So Good" and "Do it" or maybe it's Louis Johnson laying down some slow, slinky bass or the ethereal keys. You be the judge

Quincy Jones; patrice McWilliams - Mellow Madness

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

...::Dope Sounds::...

Once I posted Grace, it brought back memories of some of the old Digital-Djs days...and an ureleased mix by OG DDJ, DJ Melodic. This one is named Karma Soultra. There's no tracklist, but this was dope then and is still dope today.

DJ Melodic - Karma Soultra

If you enjoyed Turn It Up, Lyrisis have dropped another gem on me, The Blessings. This is another great track from the sisters. I'm really excited about their upcoming album! If you enjoy their sound make sure you vote for them in in ABC 33/40, Heinz and Herd Records' Original Artist contest.

Lyrisis - The Blessings

What can you say about Waxmaster C the man who joined monotone emcee, Guru, in 1989 to create a hybrid of Hip Hop by merging it with jazz as well as pioneer a style of scratching vocal samples in the chorus of songs while in the group Gangstarr? You can say a whole lot actually, and these 3 cats want you to hear their take on the man regarded as one of the top 5 producers in Hip Hop.

Focus; Phonte; Royce the 5'9"; Stat Quo - Homage To Premier

DJ Rahdu One on One with Ayah! (DSXXX Lite Pt.3)

1. Believe
2. They Were Lying
3. Do It All Again

DJ Rahdu One on One with Ayah

Old School Mixed CDs: Rahdu of the Digital DJs presents Grace

1. Kwan the Alabama Poet (T.A.P.) - Grace Intro
2. Diargi - Emocional
3. Seek - Rise
4. Mecca's Groove - It's You Hustle (Hustler's Theme)
5. Little Brother - Whatever You Say (The Maxwell Mix)
6. Laurnea - Sun Don't Rain w/9th Wonder & Spectac Instrumental
7. Dwele - Lady Love
8. Yesterday's New Quintet - Golden Lady
9. 5 Point Plan - Damn
10. DKD - Brighter Day
11. Vikter Duplaix - I Got You
12. Alison Crockett - UR (Yam Who Remix) w/ Kev Brown - Can't Stay Away Instrumental
13. Zero 7 - Distraction (DJ Spinna Remix)
14. Queen AAminah - It's Love
15. Shihan - That Type of Love
16. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Take You There (9th Wonder Remix)
17. Moss - Retread Lightly

Rahdu of the Digital DJs presents Grace
Download/Get Podcast Here
shouts out to Fahamu Pecou on the artwork!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...::Sounds Dope::..

Dj DviousMindZ :I just want to say thanks to all that have listened to the singles and showed interest in the project. Shout out to all the bloggers posting out music. Jo well and I are definitely going to drop another E.P this year, I'm also dropping another E.P next month with my artist MNfrm so I hope all of you show the same support to him as well! Thanks for your time and thanks for listening. " Cop the album HERE

Toya from Lyrisis (Bham, Al) hit me this morning and told me that the duo had a new single and that she was going to send it to my email. 7 Hours later I received Turn It Up, and believe me you'll do just that.

Lyrisis - Turn it Up

Fields of Grain return wth their 2nd EP, Black Box. They describe their sound as "...some kind of alternative electronic soul music and the blend doesnt quite sound like anything we've heard before." The duo consisiting of Aron Lamm and Alva Dahl have been together since 2007 and says this EP was put together in the Winter of '08 and represents the direction they're in now. Pick up the Black Box EP on their myspace page!

Fields of Grain - End of the Unfinished

Monday, January 26, 2009

Vinyl? Check! # 15: Open Sesame!

This 1980 manifestation of The Bar-Kays created a funky gem with As One. Open Your Heart sees lead singer, Larry Dodson, getting his Philip Bailey (EWF) on...and he sounds darn good doing it too. Check this out!

Bar-Kays - Open Your Heart

Sunday, January 25, 2009

DSXXX Interview with 88-Keys

1. 88-Keys; Serius Jones - Quit Playing
2. Hazadus; I.G.Off; J-Treds; Kwest tha Mad Lad; Thirstin Howl III - Bathroom Cipher
3. Truth Enola - Ill Love
4. Black Star - Thieves In The Night

...::88-Keys Interview Pt 1::..
5. Ra Ra Riot - Winter '05
6. Schoolz of Thought - It'z Going Down, Now (Feel Good)
7. Mos Def - Love

...::88-Keys Interview Pt 2::..
8. Fonzorth Bentley; Kanye West; Andre 3000 - Everybody
9. Musiq; Bilal - Dontstop
10. J-Live - Don't Play
11. The Pharcyde - Choices
12. Tanya Morgan - ThreeMcees

...::88-Keys Interview Pt 3::..
13. Lykke Li - Little Bit
14. 88-Keys; Phonte - Close Call
15. Talib Kweli - Right About Now
16. Mos Def - May-December
17. Consequence; John Legend - The Incredible Hulk
18. Scratch; Ciph Born; D-Ruck; Flo Brown; Spontaneous - Sumthin' That U Missin'
19. Musiq - babygirl
20. 88-Keys; Tanya Morgan - Cuddle Bums
21. 88-Keys; J Davey - Dirty Peaches
22. 88-Keys; kanye West - Stay Up (Stoney Rock Remix)
23. Imagination - All Night Lovin'

DSXXX Interview with 88-Keys
Download/Get Podcast Here

MORE: Someone asked why i used "some ol' jazz song" at the end of interview part 1. Watch 88-Keys turn "some ol' jazz song" into Mos Def's Love"

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Honey Love

I'm really late on this one, but it's a great addition to any DJ set, especially as a segue into a reggae set. You can pick it up at "The recent soul/hip hop classic "Honey" by Erykah Badu gets the Grant Phabao reggae rework treatment to make it an instant reggae soul classic, sounding as if it was an original recorded 30 years ago in Kingston and the 9th Wonder production was the remix... "

Erykah Badu - Honey (Grant Phabao Remix)

...::Dope Sounds::...

I've been following Boozoo Bajou for years, so when my man, Stephen (!K7) sent me this, I was elated. Same Sun is from their upcoming album Grains which will be released 02.22.2009. Same Sun's featured vocalist is British singer-songwriter Rumer who is making a lot of noise, and based on her appearance here I know why. Listen to Same Sun and get addicted...

Boozoo Bajou - Same Sun

I love visiting my mail box and finding those gold cushioned envelopes with a record label or distribution company's name on the front because it means that some great muic is USUALLY inside. Well, my girl Jessica (Spectre) rarely disappoints, and DJ Sun's Para EP she sent is no exception. It' a 5 track EP with some true gems, but this remix of Dubai is mad ill. Check it out!

DJ Sun - Dubai (Genre Jazz Remix)

Stephen (!K7) struck once again by sending me this Circlesquare-Dancers EP. I like the original version most because it feels like it's being stifled or prevented from becoming a full-fledged dance song, but it has just enough to get you itchin' to dance. It's the perfect opening cut in a dance set to get the dancers ready for a long night of boogieing.

CircleSquare - Dancers (Original Version)

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vinyl? Check! # 14: 2nd to None

The Brazilian born, Grammy award winning Eumir Deodato has no problem creating hits; that's evidenced by his 4 decade long string of hits from some of your favorite artists (He co-produced Lupe Fiasco's Paris, Tokyo).
Deodato's 1973 album, Deodato 2 (which was not a commercial success), contains songs with a wide range of moods, but are all treats from the former CTI record producer and arranger. This vinyl check was a battle between the song you will now hear, Super Strut, and Skyscrapers. Both of these are amazing tunes but Deodato goes hard on the keys in this one. Super Strut is so groovy that you don't even realize that 9 minutes has passed by when the track ends. Noted session musician, John Tropea takes the song to new heights with his amazing guitar solo. Super Strut has a live concert type feel, or maybe even more like an impromptu jam session. You don't get playing like this on albums anymore. *sighs*

Deodato - Super Strut

MORE: The album overall is so dope that one of my favorite DJ/producers copied the album cover idea for his 2007 project, Return of the Magnificent, which you also need in your life.

EVEN MORE: Not being a video gamer, I just found out that Super Strut is featured on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, so here's Skyscraper (featuring Stanley Clarke on bass) for those who have heard Super Strut before...I dont want to leave y'all out (lol)

Deodato - Skyscrapers

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Divine Dezign of Radio

Floyd the Locsmif released his 4th full length installment, Divine Dezignz #2: Soul, Etc at the tail end of 2008 which was followed this year with Exile’s release of Radio. Floyd the Locsmif fashions a fluid album that brings to mind that good, classic soulful production reminiscent of Pete Rock’s Petestrumentals album. On the other hand, Exile chops up songs and vocal snippets with his trusty MPC in a way that pays homage to Dilla without copying the late beatsmith’s style. Although they differ in style and presentation, both projects are great in their own respects and are worthy of your monetary patronage.

Floyd stays in one lane, which isn’t a bad thing, and blesses us with consistent soulful, mellow, hypnotic hip-hop treats. What would you expect though, from an album titled Soul, Etc.? This is one that you’ll play when you want to come home and “wine” down or if you’re having a laid-back set at the house. Radio was created by Exile to give you that medium’s feel from HIS perspective. Just like a true radio, you’re introduced to a range of genres that Exile creates from anything such as radio static to your favorite childhood Christmas song! Although the beats may seem to be all over the place, it is a cohesive project overall.

Soul, Etc features vocalists on 4 of its 16 tracks. The artists are coupled together to give you more bang for your buck and they deliver too! My favorite vocally assisted track is Don’t Nobody Care with Yirayah crooning like a “Coming From Where Im From”-era Anthony Hamilton and 4Ize spitting about socio-political ills. Exile’s vocal snippets help illustrate his overall vision of Radio. He also uses snippets to assert his hip-hop braggadocio, express political discontent and share love amongst other things. One of the more memorable excerpts is the Uneducated Rapper skit which is hilarious!

If banging beats, creativity and soul is what you’re looking for, these two projects have it in abundance! Exile rocks you with his great compositions and by showing off his MPC playing skills and Floyd envelopes you in his melodious beats that create musical euphoria. Purchasing these two together is like buying the salt and pepper together. They’re good alone but much better when together. Enjoy!

...::Sounds Dope::...

Inverse released their free So True EP earlier this year and I slept on it. I kept seeing it around so I put it in the iPod and was blown away. Download and have a listen. I'm sure you will be blown away as well.

I was introduced to Keelay and Zaire by my girl Jessica from Spectre Music (What's up Jessica!?). They've just released this free EP that I haven't listened to yet but if this joint is any indication, it's going to be nice.

Keelay and Zaire; Tunji - Addicts For Real

Download the Prelude to Drive EP

MORE: Addicts For Real features Tunji of the previously mentioned group Inverse. Incentive people, incentivvvvvvvvve!

Teedra Moses' Complex Simplicty album was the joint! That was 4 yrs ago and we havent had a full length from her since then. Thanks to the good people at BlindI, we've been informed that she has a new mixtape, Lionhearted: Young Hustla Vol. 3 Mixtape, that's available for downloads on her myspace page. If you're skeptical about how she might sound now, follow the Blind I hyperlink and see what she's workin' with.

P.O.S. new album Never Better drops 2-3-2009. Jessica (Spectre) sent me the album, which I popped in yesterday on my morning commute and it hooked me at track #3 Savion Glover. It's a dope project, not specifically my flavor but the joints that i like, I LIKE. Check out the review of the album Never Better HERE and if you like it, get it when it drops!

P.O.S. - Savion Glover

Thursday, January 22, 2009

BLS iPod: 6 Degrees of 88-Keys (Compilation)

1. Imagination - All Night Lovin
2. Large Professor; Q-Tip - In the Sun
3. Da Beat Minerz; Pete Rock; Caron Wheeler - Open
4. India.Arie - Yellow
5. Spirit - Dream Within A Dream
6. Guilty Simpson - Kinda Live
7. Smif N Wessun - Bucktown
8. Tanya Morgan - Camp Cupcake
9. The Roots - Star/Pointro
10. Paul Mccartney & Wings - The Note You Never Wrote
11. Mos Def; Mr. Man; Talib Kweli - Fortified Live Instrumental
12. Towa Tei; Ayumi Tanabe; Viv - Angel
13. The Temptations - You've Got my Soul on Fire
14. Sly & The Family Stone - Mother Beautiful
15. Tiombe Lockhart - Single Black Female
16. Kleer - Intimate connection
17. J-Live; Dwele - Coming Home
18. Da Bush Babees; Mos Def - The Love Song
19. Erick Sermon; Redman - Finkorama
20. Fatlip - What's Up Fatlip
21. Paul Mccartney & Wings - Mrs Vanderbilt

These are songs either sampled by 88-Keys, by people with some association/affiliation with 88-Keys or someone he knows/has worked with. I hope you know how 6 Degrees of Seperation works. Enjoy!

6 Degrees of 88-Keys
Download / Get Podcast

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

...::Dope Sounds::...

Everyone's wet dreams have been fulfilled! Delicious Vinyl releases the instrumentals to Illa J's Yancey Boys album on Although, I feel the younger Yancey boy represented well, there were some who felt thay he desecrated the "divine" Dilla Labcabincalifornia-era beats. Get the instrumental mp3s for 9.99

Jo Well & Dj DviousMindZ return for what may be the last released single before their project, Nickle and Diming drops on the 28th.

Jo Well & Dj DviousMindZ - Dust in the Wind

The 88-Keys interview airs this Monday (1-25-09) on BamaLoveSoul.Com and Hot1077radio.Com! Here's a free EP, Adam's Case Files the producer extraordinaire put together to promote his album, The Death of Adam. 88-Keys is the man responsible for songs such as Black Star's Thieves in the Night, Mos Def's Love & Musiq feat. Bilal's Dontstop among others. Check it out and pick up his album that's in stores now and make sure you listen to the interview with DJ Rahdu this Monday.

J Finesse isn't letting your eardrums rest. He returns with this banger that BEGS you to break out the cognac and twist something funky up (cough, cough). Be on the look out for his album, Invent A Remix; it's coming soon.

J-Finesse - Hittin' Corners

Thanks for the love!

Today officially marks one year that Bama LoveSoul has existed in cyberspace. I would like to thank each and everyone who has ever stopped by BamaLoveSoul. I would like to especially thank those who have enjoyed the blog and have decided to become followers! The visits are appreciated more than you know, and are used as motivation to continue to bring you consistent, quality posts.

The mission to educate and expose has not changed. In fact, I would say it’s actually been strengthened by the addition of new contributors: Jr Star, Thed Weller & JayTee Dee. Each contributor brings a unique knowledge base that will assist us in achieving our mission statement.

BamaLoveSoul.Blogspot.Com is 2008 and BamaLoveSoul.Com is 2009. Look for the website, more updates and enhancements soon, and as always; drop us a line in the chat box or leave us a comment so we can better serve your musical needs.

Thanks for the love (and visits)

Monday, January 19, 2009

...::Sounds Dope::..

This is one of many instrumental bangers that my good friend J Finesse sent me. If you enjoy this one make sure you go to his blog page for more dope and pick up his album when its released.

J Finesse - Go Out Like That

Circle Research is a dope duo that you've heard me mention before HERE. They've released their new album, WHO?, which is available now on iTunes. In addition, they've also placed their hat in the Jazzanova Remix competition. Check out their submission and place your votes. The contest ends Feb 2009.

Jazzanova - I Can See (Circle Research Remix)

Im glad I learned early to not sleep on email submissions because Everett James' Life Album is such a jambalaya of treats! Comparisons do Everett no justice but if you can imagine a cross between Van Hunt and Peven Everett, you'll come close to his sound. Here's ONE of the great tunes from his album

Everett James - My Star

Vinyl? Check! 13: Going All Out

You know I had to bring it with the first Vinyl? Check! of 2009 (luckily my blindfold test hasn't let me down yet). When I pulled this album from the shelf, I knew I was in for a treat because the first thing I saw was the SOLAR Records label on the back followed by the familiar names of some dope producers: Leon and Ricky Sylvers and Dick Griffey. From top to bottom, 8 tracks in all, this album is great! The second track, Turn Me Out (produced by Leon Sylvers), grabbed me from the beginning and didnt let go. The Whispers sound great and the beat is infectious! Once again I dare you to not cut a rug to this one.

The Whispers - Turn Me Out

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

DSXXX Interview with Djinji Brown

1. Djinji Brown - Uptown Rocker's Dub
2. Jungle Brothers - Where You Wanna Go
3. Asheru; Talib Kweli; Raheem Devaughn - Mood Swing
4. Afu-Ra - Whirlwnd Thru Cities
5. Pete Rock; carl Macintosh; Jane Eugene - Take Your Time
6. Big Brooklyn Red - Space & Time

...::Djinji Brown Interview Pt 1::...
7. Pete Rock & Cl Smooth - Straighten It Out

...::Djinji Brown Interview Pt 2::...
8. Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay

...::Djinji Brown Interview Pt 3::...
9. John Coltrane - Love Supreme: Ascension
10. Djinji Brown - Chango's house
11. Djinji Brown - Abuelita's Dance
12. Osunlade - Feets Don't Fail
13. The Ananda Project - Big Boat
14. Dominic Ski Oakenfull - So Beautiful
15. Shaun Escoffery - Days Like This (DJ Spinna & Ticklah Remix)
16. Groove Collective - Everything is Changing (Swag Mix)
17. The Rurals - These Changes
18. Djinji Brown - Mr. Dynamite
19. Djinji Brown - In the Ruff
20. Roy Ayers - Tarzan (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Mix)

DSXXX Interview with Djinji Brown
Download / Get Podcast

...::Dope Sounds::...

People are always asking me where I get my instrumentals from. Here's a dope album of instrumentals from Trek Life's Price I've Paid project. Pick it up HERE from the good folks over at FWMJ.

Exclusive: I see the large groups that come here checking for music by Byron (Birmingham, Al) and Onra. Here are a few new bangers from Byron the Aquarius! Check 'em out, leave a comment, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS where you heard 'em!

Byron the Aquarius; OlivierDaySoul - What's Your Fantasy

Porsche Smith - Let It Go

Here's the latest from Jo Well & Dj DviousMindZ, Love Thang. Preparing you for the full length which drops 1.28.09

Jo Well & Dj DviousMindZ - Love Thang

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shufflin' BLS iPod V.03 (Compilation)

Tracey Lee; One Step Beyond - Stars in the East
The Jones Girls - Nights over Egypt freaked in a very cool way. You may remember Tracey Lee from his only single, The Theme (It's Party Time), but do you remember where the phrase,"It's Working, It's Working..." comes from?
The Pharcyde - Trust
From the 2000 Plain Rap album. The packaging for this abum was dope, this was the beginning of the end of The 'Cyde. They're on tour now so it's all worked out now or is it
Public Enemy - Public Enemy No.1
Yo Bum Rush the Show. It's hard to believe this one is 22 years old. Dag!
Lone Catalysts; Venus Malone - The Hustle
I love the hook on this one. iTunes turned up a gem with this one.
Q-Tip - Higher Instrumental
It never ceases to amaze me that once you remove the vocals on a track you may truly unearth a gem and this is no exception.
Quasimoto - Green Power (Original Version)
Madlib in full effect. The subject of this track is so relevant right now
Jay Dee - Bounce
Another dope instrumental!
Haiiro De Rossi - Rachel
3 words: Catchy Japanese Hip-Hop. I've caught myself singing this hook, let's see if you will
J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science; The Rebirth; Aima The Dreamer - Leave it All Behind
What a cast! This is a headnodder & the horns are ridiculous!
Kinny; Souldrop - Queen of Boredness (Diesler Remix)
I love Kinny's voice!
Stevo - Refracting Telescope
Stevo takes you on a spaced out instrumental headnod journey...
Jazztronik - Real Clothes (Album Mix)
This upbeat number puts me in the mind of a Jamiroquai track. It's a combinaton of the strings, background vocals and just the overall groove.
Me'Shell N'degeocello - Outside Your Door
This isn't my favorite Me'Shell track but it's definitely a classic from her 1993 Plantation Lullabies album
The Ohio Players - Summertime
I wonder how George Gershwin would feel if he heard this version. At almost 7 1/2 minutes long, The Ohio Players completely wreck shop on this one. The trumpet is such a great compliment to this track; Louis Armstrong would be proud...and then they throw the flute at you
Louie Vega - Jungle Fever(ATOJ Remix)
The (original) Chakachas version is still my favorite, but ATOJ (DJ Jazzy Jeff) lounges it out and makes you want to get your martini on.
Minnie Riperton (R.I.P.) - Perfect Angel
The album Perfect Angel is 35 years old and the title track still sounds timeless. You want to thank someone? Thank the arranger: Stevie Wonder
Weldon Irvine (R.I.P.) - Soul Sisters
iTunes on shuffle picked two of the best that are deceased and put them back to back. Close your eyes and let the organ take you there. Thanks Master Wel.
Peter Hadar - Deep in Love
This was one of the first Peter Hadar tracks I ever heard. It's easy to see how I became a fan, eh?

Download / Get Podcast Here

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time is of the essence...

Birmingham singer, songwriter AND trumpeter Jaafar needs you to make some time and vote for him in ABC 33/40, Heinz and Herd Records' Original Artist contest. Jaafar's goal is to "regain and bring back the feel of soul music. Everything is turning to pop right now," he says,"even country music is turning to pop." Given Jaafar's voice & musical sensibilities, bringing soul back will not prove to be a difficult task.

Jaafar will also be releasing an album, Travel Light, tentatively February 20, 2009. In the meantime, check out these two songs Can You Make Time (which is entered in the Original Artist contest) and my favorite We Can Make It. Jaafar was also kind enough to let you take these with you, "I just want to share the music, man." Download the Travel Light EP HERE & make sure you tell a friend or 10.

Jaafar - Can You Make Time

Jaafar - We Can Make It

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

...::Sounds Dope::..

One of the greatest unheralded emcees. Dumile is the master of unorthodox thoughts and complex rhyme schemes in flows:

If thats the case you'd be a bald headed African/taking all the credit and jetted/astro-travelin/turn a man into a mannequin for Aflac'in/and be in tough actin Tinactin/Bluff jackin

Yesssss! This tease is from his upcoming project Born Like This on Lex Records coming in 2009.

MF Doom - Ballskin

MORE: Peace to Eugene Smith on Illustration

The Ecstatic Pretty Flacko returns once again. This one is getting mixed reviews. Chime in by leaving a comment or hiting us in the chatbox.

Mos Def - Quiet Dog

It always feel good when someone from the house releases good music. Vic the Truth produced this gem for the Emmy nominated Bham pioneer emcee. One of the things Ive always enjoyed about DJ Doc Fresh S Fly is that he keeps it Southern without "keeping it ghetto." Thanks Kid Fresh S-Fly!

S-Fly - Rok Star

Speaking of nominations, Independent artist Wayna returns with her second album, Higher Ground and is being nominated for a Grammy. Check her out!

Yo Wayna, don't forget to holla at Kev for me!

DJ Rahdu One on One with Tiombe Lockhart! (Cubic Zirconia) (DSXXX Lite Pt.2)

NY & Beyond Click the Flyer to get Tickets!
Opening Act: Michna
DJ sets by Waajeed (PPP/Bling 47), LINK, & Daryl Palumbo

DJ Rahdu One on One with Tiombe Lockhart
Check out Cubic Zirconia's Blog and their Myspace Page

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