Monday, January 19, 2009

...::Sounds Dope::..

This is one of many instrumental bangers that my good friend J Finesse sent me. If you enjoy this one make sure you go to his blog page for more dope and pick up his album when its released.

J Finesse - Go Out Like That

Circle Research is a dope duo that you've heard me mention before HERE. They've released their new album, WHO?, which is available now on iTunes. In addition, they've also placed their hat in the Jazzanova Remix competition. Check out their submission and place your votes. The contest ends Feb 2009.

Jazzanova - I Can See (Circle Research Remix)

Im glad I learned early to not sleep on email submissions because Everett James' Life Album is such a jambalaya of treats! Comparisons do Everett no justice but if you can imagine a cross between Van Hunt and Peven Everett, you'll come close to his sound. Here's ONE of the great tunes from his album

Everett James - My Star


Blogger ChocLitLuvJoi said...

I'm digging "Go Out Like That"...

I like this remix, Circle Reserach did a good job. Haven't listened to Swoon Unitz in a minute...must check it out again. Twas one of your dope 08 cds.

Reeeeeeally loving Everett James, had to do a double play on that one. It's perfect for my mood 2day. I think new music is wonderful for a day when you don't know what the hell to do w/ yourself, it's so calming. You don't know the words, nor what's coming next. So you just have to just mellow and lay back, absorb the words and soak up the melody. bliss... ok, now I'm on triple play...I love him!

January 21, 2009 at 3:43 PM  

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