Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vinyl? Check! # 16: Not "Mellow, Mellow", but Right On!

Another dope album from Quincy Jones, created 2 years before I was born. As usual he's assembled an all star cast AND this album served as the introduction to The Brothers Johnson and Patrice McWilliams. If the latter's name sounds familar, she was a background singer for Luther Vandross and Big Brooklyn Red mentioned her in his interview with me HERE.

Patrice McWilliams serves as the lead vocalist on the title track, Mellow Madness. The track isnt as mellow as it is sexy. Maybe it's the words and how they're repeated; you know phrases like "So Good" and "Do it" or maybe it's Louis Johnson laying down some slow, slinky bass or the ethereal keys. You be the judge

Quincy Jones; patrice McWilliams - Mellow Madness


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Sex A!

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