Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vinyl? Check! # 14: 2nd to None

The Brazilian born, Grammy award winning Eumir Deodato has no problem creating hits; that's evidenced by his 4 decade long string of hits from some of your favorite artists (He co-produced Lupe Fiasco's Paris, Tokyo).
Deodato's 1973 album, Deodato 2 (which was not a commercial success), contains songs with a wide range of moods, but are all treats from the former CTI record producer and arranger. This vinyl check was a battle between the song you will now hear, Super Strut, and Skyscrapers. Both of these are amazing tunes but Deodato goes hard on the keys in this one. Super Strut is so groovy that you don't even realize that 9 minutes has passed by when the track ends. Noted session musician, John Tropea takes the song to new heights with his amazing guitar solo. Super Strut has a live concert type feel, or maybe even more like an impromptu jam session. You don't get playing like this on albums anymore. *sighs*

Deodato - Super Strut

MORE: The album overall is so dope that one of my favorite DJ/producers copied the album cover idea for his 2007 project, Return of the Magnificent, which you also need in your life.

EVEN MORE: Not being a video gamer, I just found out that Super Strut is featured on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, so here's Skyscraper (featuring Stanley Clarke on bass) for those who have heard Super Strut before...I dont want to leave y'all out (lol)

Deodato - Skyscrapers


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