Thursday, January 22, 2009

BLS iPod: 6 Degrees of 88-Keys (Compilation)

1. Imagination - All Night Lovin
2. Large Professor; Q-Tip - In the Sun
3. Da Beat Minerz; Pete Rock; Caron Wheeler - Open
4. India.Arie - Yellow
5. Spirit - Dream Within A Dream
6. Guilty Simpson - Kinda Live
7. Smif N Wessun - Bucktown
8. Tanya Morgan - Camp Cupcake
9. The Roots - Star/Pointro
10. Paul Mccartney & Wings - The Note You Never Wrote
11. Mos Def; Mr. Man; Talib Kweli - Fortified Live Instrumental
12. Towa Tei; Ayumi Tanabe; Viv - Angel
13. The Temptations - You've Got my Soul on Fire
14. Sly & The Family Stone - Mother Beautiful
15. Tiombe Lockhart - Single Black Female
16. Kleer - Intimate connection
17. J-Live; Dwele - Coming Home
18. Da Bush Babees; Mos Def - The Love Song
19. Erick Sermon; Redman - Finkorama
20. Fatlip - What's Up Fatlip
21. Paul Mccartney & Wings - Mrs Vanderbilt

These are songs either sampled by 88-Keys, by people with some association/affiliation with 88-Keys or someone he knows/has worked with. I hope you know how 6 Degrees of Seperation works. Enjoy!

6 Degrees of 88-Keys
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Blogger ChocLitLuvJoi said...

Ok, @ Guilty Simpson and I had to wheel & come again from top! Cuz it's Kinda Live!

**Large Professor/Q-Tip - loving the backgroung chanting, simplistic but on point beats, and of course the ill flows.
**Da Beat Minerz & crew - "to be open", love the beats on this one. This song always puts me in a positive mood. Just on the thought of being open! Done in 2K1 and clearly still relevant. This track needs to reach so many people to help them put things in perspective...
*India - not one of my fav India tracks, still love her (and the words) nonetheless. From the 3rd Chakra(yellow), you develop the principles, ethics, and beliefs for which you are willing to stand. This is where we defind our boundaries, and learn to say yes or no. So as India continues to grow, hopefully we can too.
**Spirit - this appeals to my inner rock child. The drum machine, electric guitar, the feel the Spirit has when they sing. I love it! I love the creschendo and ultimate climax. [Just had a bottle tree moment.]
***Guilty Simpson - the beats come in and I start grooving immediately. The chorus, the flow, how he sits on the beats so perfectly...thats why I loVe this track. I can visualize him whispering in the chicks ear, just vibing, Mad sexy, swaggerific.Sexy ass flow...
*Smif N Wesson - had a flash back of messing w/ my bro's cassettes. Classic. Only the OG gun clappers.
**The Roots - love this track. Speaks to alot of the wannabe's out there right now. But the real stars will prevail! Love the resounding ending.
*Towa Tei - ahhh, this album brings back so many memories. Wicked production...
*Sly & the Family Stone - so beAutiful, such a classic, such soul...
***Tiombe - I love her lyrics, they're Always so poignant! The production on this track is also a banger. The reverberating taps and warped sounds are pulling me in...
*JLive & Dwele - ill flow on JLive's part, always in love w/ Dwele's harmonious voice...
***Da Bush Babees & Mos!!! - do I really need to even speak on this lyrical flow alongside Mos' singsong-ing?
**Fatlip - love the instrumentals

6 degrees @ it's finest...

January 23, 2009 at 1:33 PM  

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