Monday, August 31, 2009

DJ Rahdu - Gypsy Eyes (Unfinished) Playlist

Shouts out to the graphic designer, Ron.One for locating the Playlist to Gypsy Eyes and sending it through. Here you go to those who wanted to know which artists they were listening to

1. Gypsy Eyes Intro
2. Sirius B Project - Love Has A Place in Time
3. Innervoices - slow Jam of the Year
4. Bilal - You're All I Need (Feels Like Heaven)
5. 4th Ave Jones - Chasin' A Dream
6. Jaguar Wright - Go to My Place
7. Silhouette Brown - Just a Little More
8. Alison Crockett - Crossroads
9. Everything But the Girl (DJ Jazzy Jeff Remimx)
10. The square Egg - ?
11. Shuman - Security Instrumental
12. Gurufish - Touch Your Body
13. Dwele - The fact Is
14. Steve Spacek - Look into My Eyes
15. kingsbread - It's Alright
16. Boozoo Bajou - Take it Slow
17. Floetry - I Want U
18. Lina - Leaving You (Diamondsoul Remix)
19. Uncut - Midnight (waiwan Remix)
20. Jaffa - Elevator

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program - Spacewayz!

New 5 song EP, Destination There, by Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program out September 7th on Ramp Recordings. If you know whats up, you know this is dope. Need reassurance, check out Spacewayz!

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program - Spacewayz!

Melanie Fiona - It Kills Me

Whew! After seeing that Melanie Fiona had dropped another single, I decided to load it up w/ the ?uestlove mixtape and let it ride. I'm glad I did. This woman has a hell of a voice and the content to match. Her 1st single I didn't like too much so I didn't give her much play. It Kills Me however, has made me a fan. Reminiscent of an old school sound, the arrangement puts me in the mind of a Gladys Knight track, especially the chorus. As usual, we're not stingy & sharing is caring... so from her upcoming album The Bridge...

Melanie Fiona - It Kills Me

Deep Rooted - The End

San Diego based sextet, Deep Rooted, spices up their latest soulful hip-hop track with a featured verse from emcee Sha Dula, and production from Rhettmatic. A catchy piano line paired with a serene vocal melody establishes the track's sentimental tone, as it continues behind Rhettmatic's laid-back yet powerful backbeat. Separating the poetic, flowing verses coming to you from the group's emcees and their guest, Sha Dula, Deep Rooted's wildcard, songstress Just Brea sings the soulful melodic hook,
"We've come to the end of the road/ It's been a long time coming."
The last verse features DJ Artistic with a scratch solo, bringing the track to a close. This track's medley of talent is not something to be overlooked. Check out the latest release, the self-titled D.E.E.P. R.O.O.T.E.D. out now on Clear Label Records

Deep Rooted - The End Feat. Sha Dula (Prod. By Rhettmatic)

Here's another one by Deep Rooted that I forgot to throw up earlier featuring Killah Priest and Sha Dula

Deep Rooted - XL

Vikter Duplaix - Electric Love

Mr. Duplaix dropped a sexy one to get our week going and it is very very niiice. Electric Love opens w/ what sounds like an electric guitar, then the percussion kicks into your soul. Vikter's flow is that sexy groove that we've come to know & love so plug into it...

Electric Love
Download HERE

6 Days and Counting! House In The Park, Perkerson Park, Atlanta, GA

From House in the Park is an annual music festival bringing together innovative musicians, DJs, and a diverse audience in a beautiful outdoor park space since 2005. HITP provides a family-oriented atmosphere, and is known throughout the Southeast as the “MUST-attend-event” for avid fans of deep house-music, Afrobeat and soul classics, and attracts over 1,000 people. HITP is held the Sunday before Labor Day, from noon to 8pm in an Atlanta park and is open to the public.

Featured deejays: Salah Ananse, Kemit, Kai Alce, & Ramon Rawsoul

Now that you have the info, go ahead and make the pilgrimage to the "A" (for you out of towners) and have yourself what my wife calls "the funkiest, deepest, sweatiest, and most spiritual house music experiences" in the Southeast. We had an absolute BLAST last year! Highly recommended.

Sunday September 6, 12pm-8pm. Perkerson Park 770 Deckner Ave., SW. Atlanta, GA 30310

Check the link above for photos, videos, mixes and more.

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DJ Rahdu - Gypsy Eyes (Unfinished)

I left my iPod in the house Friday night as I was rushing to DJ the Julie Dexter/Jaafar concert. Choosing not to listen to the radio, I blindly selected a CD from my Jeep's console. It was unmarked, so when the intro began I nearly crashed my Jeep because I hadn't heard this mix in years.

This mix was created around 2005-2006 and is a sexy soulful number featuring artists like Spacek, Cottonbelly and Silhouette Brown. Gypsy Eyes was created to be a Love Jones inspired mix, however when (one of) my external hard(s) drive died I lost the mix. Luckily there's this CD that I burned when I initially started working on Gypsy Eyes; the music mixing is complete, but the drops/movie snippets aren't there. There's no tracklisting on this one because admittedly I've forgotten some of the tracks. Artwork by Ron.One (who also designed this site) and scratches by DJ F/X. Enjoy

DJ Rahdu - Gypsy Eyes (Unfinished)

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Late Pass #26 - Jiva :: The Love EP

As I go through my day browsing the web, checking emails, reviewing pics, reading, blah blah blah; my Sunday soundtrack fills the house. The easiest thing for me to do is just choose a Genre and go w/ it. As I swayed to the aural stimulation from my jazz collection, my attention was drawn to some serious instrumental skills. I rose up and checked to see who my ears were climaxing to... twas Jiva. Didn't even know I had them on my hardrive.
Anywho, The Love EP, released in 2003, is filled w/ ethereal sounds of captivating horns, subtle percussion, and sexy guitars surrounding soulful vocals. *think a combo of salsa, jazz & soul, free from any digital media* I haven't heard anything from them in a while but know that they were [are?] apart of India.Arie's band. Here's a taste of my Sunday musical experience.

I Realized (Twilight Bossa mix)

Vinyl? Check! #40: Nothing To It!

The cats from Scotland arrived when they released AWB, their second and largest selling album! The album went to #1 on the US Hot 100 charts, fueled by the success of their single, Pick up the Pieces. Also worthy of note is the great production prowess of Arif Mardin which created countless gems for Average White band (and many,many others) and helped 1974's AWB's timeless sound.

Although recorded at Atlantic, Nothing You Can Do sounds as if it was cut at Curtis Mayfield's Curtom Label. Alan Gorrie and crew's vocals sound as sweet as anything by Curtis or Leroy and the melody of the tune is just as beautiful. Hit play on this one, close your eyes and be transported to a time when great music could actually rule the airwaves.

Average White Band - Nothing You Can Do

Byron the Aquarius - Sunshine

Another jewel from Byron the Aquarius, or as he calls it, "dope soul sh!t." Be on the lookout for his new album, Luxury Life coming soon, which will bring us more "electro Dilla vibing music" and should have some exciting featured artists. Can't wait!

Byron the Aquarius - Sunshine

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nailah - Sacred

While searching cyberspace for music a while ago I came across this vid of the soulful, jazz inspired, North Carolina native Nailah, singing Breathe. I liked her performance & vibe so I made a mental note about her. Fast forward to yesterday when her camp sent us a sampler of her EP; Life In Session. I've listened to some tracks and like what I hear so far, and as usual... Sharing is caring!


Nailah stated; "My music sounds like what it expression from the depths of my being. Spirit speaking to me and through me to Itself in everything that Is." Hope you enjoy...



I met Illastrate earlier this year at the Red Bull Music Academy and he gave me his Dirty Drum Mixtape. Immediately, it seemed, once I returned home I incessantly heard his name. First, on the critically acclaimed Black Noise LP, then with ATL native and BLS favorite Senor Kaos, on Dynas' upcoming The Apartment, most recently with Small Eyez feat Jaspects and finally this piece he has done by himself.
Allow me to present the first in a new series, While They're Still Here that he's doing, dedicated to the Living Legends of our time; first up Anita Baker.

Illastrate - Be Mine

We should definitely recognize them while they're still here. R.I.P. DJ AM

Raheem Devaughn - Bulletproof

Raheem gets it in over a soulful beat on this first single from his upcoming Love and War MasterPeace double album. Bulletproof actually reminds me of some of the Urban Ave 31 stuff that initially drew my attention to Raheem Devaughn in the first place. One can only hope that THIS album is dominated by Mr. Devaughn and not his alter ego Radio Raheem. I will admit, however, that the Ludacris feature isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Love and War MasterPeace in stores later this year

Raheem Devaughn - Bulletproof feat Ludacris

Friday, August 28, 2009

Leroy Hutson - Lucky Fellow (SoulP Mix)

Soul Persona refixes a classic Leroy Hutson tune that happens to be one of MY FAVORITES. It seems remixing ol' Leroy must be the new thing. Check THIS out!

Leroy Hutson - Lucky Fellow (SoulP Mix)

Wordsmith :: Season of Tha MC

Always looking out for the fans, Wordsmith's camp dropped us a note to keep us informed... "Here's leak #4 entitled "Season of the MC" produced by Street Level from Wordsmith's upcoming mixtape "The Overdue & Underrated". With his collaborative album with Chubb Rock being pushed back to next month for its "in-store" release. As always Wordsmith will continue to give his fans quality music to fill some of that void."

Wordsmith - Season of Tha MC

Keep up with Wordsmith's other work HERE

Señor Kaos - Automatic Classic

Y'all already know I'm a huge Senor Kaos fan! Here's the new video, Automatic Classic from his Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything album

MORE: Senor Kaos, sez "I have a new project that will be released on September 22nd entitled "Walk Softly And Carry A Big Brick" Featuring artists: Wale, Curren$y, Bun B, Punchline, Binkis Recs, Jaspects, Stacy Epps, P.So, 4th Pyramid, John Robinson, and more. Featuring production from: Large Professor, Von Pea (Tanya Morgan), Jake One, 9th Wonder, Dj Spinna and more."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blu - NoSleepForADay (Download)

Blu sez,
ItsYaBoy,FellBackForASec / ButTheOverDoseIsComing,
SlowlyThough / WeGoneStartItOffWithSomeFunTimeShit
Download HERE

Blu - DoIt

Gift of Gab - El Gifto Magnifico

The emcee half of the Cali hip hop duo Blackalicious has waited five years for a follow-up solo release. Chief Excel will be replaced largely by DNAEBEATS, with a few tracks also helmed by Hednodic, from Gab's most recent star collabo project The Mighty Underdogs and Crown City Rockers. There will also be guest shots from Brother ali and Del the Funky Homosapien. Gift of Gab's Escape 2 Mars is set for a release October 27, 2009 on CD, Vinyl and worldwide digital download. Gift of Gab sez this about the albums title,
"People are gonna think this is about Martians, but it's not," Gab explains. "It's more so about taking care of the planet we're on. We might have to escape to Mars or somewhere else if we keep taking the planet we live on for granted."

Gift of Gab - El Gifto Magnifico

Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So, Maybe No (King Most Remix)

The homie King Most sez, "For the past few months the name “Mayer Hawthorne” has been rocketing across the internet, from Kanye West’s blog to even Power 106 in Los Angeles. Even with all that shine I still felt the hip-hop world wasn’t familiar enough with Mayer Hawthorne and his talent. So I added some vocals from Kanye himself and the always consistent duo of The Clipse to one of my favorite songs of 2009." Get the download HERE

Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So, Maybe No feat Kanye West and The Clipse (King Most Remix)

Breakstra - Get it Right

Lead by "Music Man" Miles Tackett, Breakestra is a Los Angeles institution; as reliable a source of soul-jazz grooves, fuzzed-out funk, and sassy soul strut as can be found this side of 1969. From their origins stitching together live band versions of the breaks which serve as the backbone for the hip-hop tracks you know by heart, to their current stable of original songs with enough bump to fill the hole in Eddie Bo's bucket, Breakestra know what it takes to make the people move. Breakstra's second full length album of original material is due at the end of September, and serves as a tribute to DJ Dusk, Miles' DJ partner at L.A.'s Rootdown party, whose life was tragically taken in a road accident in 2007. Grab the track "Get It Right" for a taste of the flavor from Miles & Mixmaster Wolf's latest studio throwdown.

Breakstra - Get it Right

Late Pass #25 - Melo X :: Mustafa's Renaissance

A friend of mine sent me a new remixed JB3 track, and after further digging I discovered twasn't new, but I was late. The Track Hide & Seek (Tehas Beans), was featured on Melo X December '08 mixtape Mustafa's Renaissance which apparently was a big hit. I'm on my way to downloading right now considering the fact that Melo never disappoints and thought I'd share it w/ ya'll. Below is the trailer for the mix...

Download here

Melo-X feat Jesse Boykins III - Hide and Seek (Tehas Beans)

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Happy Birthday To Alice Coltrane! / Journey In Satchidananda

Happy Birthday To Alice Coltrane!
Birthday salutations to sister Alice Coltrane who would have turned 72 on this day. May her rich musical legacy continue to flourish and enlighten the world. Please click the link above to learn more about Alice Coltrane.

Journey In Satchidananda
What more can be said about Alice Coltrane? After discovering her by way of the Eternity album and research some 12 years ago, her name alone has earned my utmost respect and attention. This highly essential album (Journey...) was my first pick at the record show here in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago, and after playing it, the fam and I listened to it at least 4 times back to back.

A host of musicians including Rashid Ali (drums), Cecil McBee (bass), and BLS favorite Pharoah Sanders (soprano saxophones) and others congregate to create what Mrs. Coltrane hoped would " a form of meditation and a spiritual awakening for those who listen with their inner ear." On that note, I feel that her (amongst other artists) can redefine the way we listen to music, in ways where sounds and vibrations create colors, peace, understanding, etc...but that leads us into another subject/post entirely lol.

When / if you have about 11 and a half minutes to spare, enjoy this track, Isis and
Osirus, and let the harp, strings, sax, and drums take you on that long awaited
journey. Thank you Mrs. Coltrane!

Planet Soap - Kinder

Italian Beatmaker Fede returns! This time he includes his partner, Filippo, who is also a member of their newly founded group Planet Soap. Planet Soap has been heavy in the studio and you can check out more of their beats HERE. Meanwhile, nod your head to this drum heavy banger, I am!

Planet Soap - Kinder

D.Black - On the Go

Before the release of Ali'Yah, D.Black is planning the release of a free EP for all his fans, and the new track, "On The Go" produced by B. Brown, is the first offering from the EP. Throughout the track, D.Black gracefully displays his lyricism over a soulful instrumental that preaches nothing but positivity, a rare occasion in a genre too often dominated by all things materialistic. Lines such as
"Only in time will we recognize spill but in the in times will we recognize the real?" and "I wanna talk to the whole world and turn this rock back to a pearl"
showcase D. Black's talent for penmanship, creativity and willingness to rap about life's intricacies. D.Black's new album, Ali'Yah, will be available September 15th via Sportn' Life Records/MYX Music Label.

D.Black - On the Go

Rob Murat - Ready to Love

Back with another R&B-tinged, multi-layered track is singer/songwriter Rob Murat. The track is called "Ready To Love," and features all things that have come to be quintessential of Rob Murat. The driving drums and bass line support a huge range of backing instrumentation that includes handclaps, entire horn sections, backup singers, and electric organ. Moreover, the song tackles one of Rob's favorite subjects: relationships. While the hit "Dilemma" charted a male's struggles with commitment, by the time "Ready To Love" plays it's clear he has made up his mind. There is just one problem, now he is in search of his missing partner,
"Ready to Love is a tale of a guy with a brand new dilemma," says Rob, "He’s lost his girl because he was afraid of commitment, and now he’s doing his best to rally up the masses to help get her back."
Be sure to follow Rob's story by picking up his latest album, So Much To Say, out now on Rob's own Quench Entertainment Group.

Rob Murat - Ready to Love

Leon King - Digital Church EP

Sometimes it seems as artists get caught up in the trappings of conventional music and do just enough to make it onto radio and get sales. This means creating music with the absence of anything that may detract people who have become accustomed to computer created tracks from casting a deaf ear to it. There are others, however, who are devoted to creating great music...

Enter Leon King, who began tooling around with music at 5 years old and has dedicated his life to it. This has led to appearances on Jazzy Sport's Pound for Pound 2 and also to creating a Dilla tribute track, The Realness, with Illa J, the deceased's younger brother, on vocals. Since then, he has released the amazing Digital Church EP that is amazing, brilliant and refreshing which is very much appreciated! You can also catch him playing his bass with some of your favorite artists...Dont Sleep!

Leon King - Digital Church (Pound for Pound 2)

King - Faze (The Digital Church EP)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crown City Rockers Tidy Up Their Soul!

As tight as their records sound, it's easy for some to forget that the Bay Area's Crown City Rockers are in fact a live band. For those who haven't gotten to witness their instrumental prowess first-hand, here's a sneak peek into their rehearsal process as they lay out the tracks for their track "Soul." The video also gives a visual nod to some of the song's reference points, as it cycles through some of the album covers and bands who pepper "Soul's" lyrics. Get ready for The Day After Forever, dropping September 29th on Gold Dust

J-Finesse - Optimism

J Finesse is a name you haven't seen here in awhile but he's still in the lab cooking up the dope! Here's a 3 pack he just dropped off on me that he would like to share with you. Enjoy, and know that there is more dopeness to come!

J Finesse - Optimism

Hudson Mohawke - Rising 5

Hudson Mohawke has been working on fresh beats for his first full-length. It's now ready for public consumption, and he's decided to give the "attempt at a sort of prog rock meets vintage soul meets sleazy R&B aesthetic" the title Butter.

Two cuts from this year's Polyfolk Dance EP will get a second outing on the record ("Velvet Peel" and a new version of the title track which now goes under the name of "3.30") as well as his "Star Crackout" track, but the rest of the album contains totally fresh material, with collaborations from Nadsroic, Oliver Daysoul and LA-based boogie aficionado Dam Funk all set to feature. Check out Rising 5 below, which has a very triumphant feel to it and make sure you pick up Butter in October on Warp Records

Hudson Mohawke - Rising 5

The Foreign Exchange - House of Cards (video)

The Foreign Exchange feat. Muhsinah - House Of Cards

In Case You Missed It Here's another unforgettable episode of Gordon Gartrell Radio with Phonte and DJ Brainchild. Right Click on photo for Download

Episode 15: Phonte takes on the Nas/Kelis fiasco, welcomes back Michael Vick, and explains why the average Black person doesn’t care about dogs.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dynasty - Femcee

Sometimes big things come in lil packages, eh? Well meet Dynasty, a new, petite (f)emcee on the scene who's caught the ear of many in the industry including legendary DJ Premier. Download the track HERE and check out Premier chopping up the track and giving her props below

Dynasty - Femcee (DJ Premier LIVE on Hip Hop Nation / Sirius Ch. 40)

Soul Culture Presents: Aaliyah Revisited

It has been 8 years now since Aaliyah "Baby Girl" Haughton left this world. She was one of the most talented young Black women of her time and not only a singer but an actress in the making. Aaliyah left physically but has forever soared in our hearts. She continues to live through projects such Aaliyah Revisted, courtesy of UK e-zine Soul Culture. The 8 song compilation consists of remakes of Aaliyah's "Are U That Somebody", "If Your Girl Only Knew", and "Rock The Boat", to name a few. The compilation also, consists of some very prominent and talented artists such as UK's own Tawiah, Jonas, Sy Smith, Jesse Boykins III, Black Einstein,Baby Sol, Vula, Nikko Gray, Marsha Ambrosius (also from UK), and producer AFTA-1. Lucky for you, Soul Culture has is for free download for your enjoyment and to celebrate an unforgettable Angel.

"Rock the Boat" feat. Vula

Download Aaliyah:Revisited Here!

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Music Fan First :: Eric Roberson :: Album Review

So we here @BamaLoveSoul have a great appreciation of Erro's work & what he does. Very few people in the industry are still about the fans and staying true to themselves, as opposed to the sales. It is from that loyalty my friends, that Eric Roberson presents Music Fan First.

Yes, I 'm aware that albums from the classic ol' days usually had no more than 12 tracks, but I'm a little spoiled; so these 17tracks are right up my alley. The fact that I'm able to listen to this album repeatedly all day is an indication that yes, it is banging, and thus makes this review easier. *Hey Erro; yeah, I started from the top & played it all over again :)*. (c) Celebrate.

The soul that Erro pours into his albums is as authentic as the vids/posts on his site. His voice pulls you in because it is SO effortlessly, mellifluent, harmonious & sexy. [yes I pulled out a new word, BLS is here to educate too :) look it up] On top of all that, the content of what he's singing about is believable... His music and approach to it is something you can hold onto, as it has an ability to comfort like very few can. From grooves like Wanna Believe It Again, to Dealing, to How Could She Do It [my fave]; the diversity of the songs swing from genre to to genre, and tempo to tempo taking the listener thru varying journeys of musical euphoria.

The album has a perfect balance of eclectic soul, r&b, jazz, and electronica to land new fans but keep us oldies. At first listen as an avid fan w/ all his albums, I can sense a difference... this isn't Left/Esoteric/The Vault/ any of his equally excellent albums. This is more of an evolution in which he was able to maintain the qualities that made those albums great; he bottled it, made some incense with it, took it to the studio, and wallah! It seeped into MFF. lol.

For all that ^^^ magic & more that you'll have to purchase to find out, Pink Bubblegum gives Music Fan First 6 out of 7 Head Nods.

Head Nod Scale
1=Don't waste your time like I did mine.
2=Waste your time like I did mine but I dare you to disagree.
3=Well, there was the single.
4=If it were a hand in spades there's "two and a possible".
5=It's a "good" album. Meaning at least 3 or 4 solid songs.
6=Really Good Project. Has the "Rewind Factor" more than once.
7=The number of completion. Great Album. Instant Classic.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Daru - Spirit & Soul-Hop Sampler 09' Preview Leaks

Daru is keepin it hot his summer! More downloads feat Jimi James and Muhsinah! Download HERE

Muhsinah & Daru Beats - Outsource pt2 (Spirit Dilla)

Waajeed - Good

Waajeed is back!!! I know, I know He never left. However he has surfaced to share a dark moody instrumental with us via twitter that's a straight head nodder. The hypnotic keys and ambient voices make sure you don't forget which artist is representing Detroit, W A-A J-E E-D! Pick up Triple P's Abundance, In stores now and download Good HERE!

Waajeed - Good

Raekwon, Ghostface, Cappadonna '10 Bricks'

The year was 1996. I remember it well, while searching through the music store for something different. Literally just judging by the cover I came across a special gem of an album. One that would change the way I listened to music. One that would change my preconceived notions about what rap was supposed to sound like or talk about. One that would make me think about the lyrics and the meaning behind them instead of just having it spoon fed to me. That album was Ghostface Killah's 'Ironman.' And while I had heard of the Wu before I had never paid attention as much as I did with that album. Ghost, Raekwon, and Cappadonna created such a beautiful symphony that it was almost destined that they always rhyme together. And although they broke apart and made equally beautiful music on their own I'm glad they came back together on this track. '10 Bricks' takes me back to when I was a youngin' discovering new and different forms of hip-hop. It's music like this that makes these new hipster Twilight Rappers as I call them wish they were this ill. Hopefully when you listen to this track it'll take you back to those days too.

Raekwon, Ghosface Killah, Cappadonna '10 Bricks'