Tuesday, March 31, 2009

City Stages...The Way I See It.

I love Birmingham. I love the city, and the people that live in (and near) it. I don't understand and/or "love" some of the things that my city frequently does. Let's talk about [City Stages] in this blog...shall we?
I'm not sure if you remember enough about Birmingham/City Stages history to recall when Twista was announced as a performer. The year was 2004. He was dumped from the line up because of the "lyrical content" of some of his songs. Since then they've allowed, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and this year Young Geezy the "Snow Man" to appear. Uh... really? Lyrical content can get a rapper kicked off City Stages? Hmmm, interesting. I have another theory.
Many of the other rappers that have been featured on the "big stage" have all sold more albums than Twista which could, potentially, draw bigger crowds...i.e. money makers. Twista, with all his success, is still more of an "underground rapper" than many of the others. And, at that time, I think that Larry Langford needed something to get him in the public eye as a "man of the people" so that when and if he ever decided to run for mayor of Birmingham, we'd all remember who saved the city from the "vulgarness and filth" of rap music.
Also, many people think that just because a rapper "swears" on his records, he/she can't be trusted to give a clean show. Some of the most vulgar and foul-mouthed rappers/comedians ever have gone on to have successful careers in "family-friendly-genres." Ice Cube is a kid friendly movie regular now. Has anyone seen the type of projects that Percy Miller (Master P) is involved with now? And let's roll back the tapes of Eddie Murphy then-&-now. Dr. DoLittle had the foulest of mouths just a few moons ago.
I also think that City Stages has a history of "shitting on the little guy" (especially the non-connected ones from Birmingham) as a rule. I give you Exhibit A: I'm a performer myself. I have have worked with many of Birmingham's finest musicians/performers. Just last year I was fortunate enough to have work included on the Emmy Award Winning Documentary/Soundtrack Mr. Dial Has Something to Say. I solicited my package to City Stages for consideration and was allotted a 15 minute slot on the [Homegrown /Non-Paid] Stage. I agreed to perform and after getting through one and a half songs, my performance was cut short, mean while, Landon Pigg was paid thousands to roll down from Tennessee to perform a full set on a [Sponsored Stage].
So, what's the point? Am I just another pissed off artists that is throwing salt in another rappers game? Or, am I a blogger trying to shed some light on some of the ills associated with our city's largest music festival? Hmmm, to be honest, sometimes I'm not quite sure myself. You decide.
I will say this though, If I don't see Larry Langford and the Birmingham City Council raising a million dollars worth of hell about Young Geezy coming to our city's most celebrated music events then I'll know that I'm not just a pissed off performer...I'm a pissed off performer with VERY VALID POINTS!

I'm Thed Weller & I approve this message.


Keelay & Zaire - Alright With Me featuring Phonte & Dminor

In an effort to spread the message of uninfluenced and unconditional love, Keelay & Zaire bring us Alright With Me, the second official single from their debut album, Ridin High. Kee & Zee's smoothed out keys and bouncy bass provide the perfect backdrop for Dminor to spread his wings and take off. A hip-hop/soul vocalist from Los Angeles, Derek "Dminor" Young started his recording career at the age of 7 and has since produced or been featured on projects with artists such as Othello, Supastition, Styles of Beyond, Lovespirals, Muneshine, Emilio "Raks One" Rojas, MF Grimm, Louis Logic, and many more. His soul-filled voice dominates the first two-thirds of the track, as he sings passionately of the feelings he has for his lady, and the lack of interest he has in hearing what anyone else has to say about it; he knows they dig each other and to him that's all that matters. The song concludes with a special cameo from Phonte of Little Brother. Phonte describes his relationship by using the phrase "punch-drunk love;" the type of love where you can't even think straight when you're in the presence of your significant other. Phonte plays on this phrase when he says, "...Punch-drunk love we stay liquored up / 151 proof shining through the sunroof, let your hair down, girl, I gotta give it up to you."

Keelay & Zaire; Phonte; Dminor - Alright With Me

DJ Muro - Tribe Vibes

If you've been a Quester for years like myself, this is one you need to have in the collection! DJ Muro digs deep into the crates to drop OVER 2 hrs of A Tribe Called Quest bangers, remixes and samples. You can cop it and see playlist HERE. To prove my point, I'm gonna drop snippets from disc 1 and 2.

DJ Muro - Tribe Vibes Snippets

Monday, March 30, 2009

Vinyl? Check! # 24: Space is the Place

This one is special to me because my dad sent me in search of this album years ago. I actually found it this Sunday while spinning with JuniorStar, Jubal, JTD and Don Johnson at Charlemagne Records at Wax Poetics Sundays. (ahem, Jr.Star, pix please) I couldnt get into the first side, but when Spaced, the first song on the flip side played i was floored. There's another funky number on the B side, Black Lassie with Cheech Marin listed in the production credits thats nice, but Spaced is my gem and I share it with you. Next month, make sure you check out Wax Poetics Sundays on the last Sunday. This is an event that is really growing and is just an overall dope event! PEACE to everyone that came out and especially to the one that popped his "live djing" cherry.

Stanley Turentine - Spaced

New Musik from Choklate!

Shouts out to my people at Choklatemusic for sending me four new snippets from the forthcoming sophomore album by singer/songwriter Choklate, entitled To Whom It May Concern, slated for release on May 19, 2009. These four snippets are dope and definitely get your mouth watering for the album's release. Presently we're a month and a half away, but to ease the fiendin' pick up her 2006 self titled debut album HERE

To Whom It May Concern

Suns Out

Grown Folks

Hunney's Runnin

JayTeeDee presents She's In My Dreams (But Am I In Her's?)


Darius and Nina Introlude
Corrine Bailey Rae - Enchantment (Amp Fiddler Remix)
2000 Black - Simple Sacrifice
N'Dea Davenport - No Never Again
Vikter Duplaix - Fade It
Platinum Pied Pipers - Stay With Me (DJ Mitsu Remix)
Peter Hadar - Naughty Magazine
Full Crate - Aftersexin' featuring Mar
J*Davey - Private Parts
Zo! & Tigallo - Something About You
Black Spade - Her Perfume That She Wore
Sade - The Sweetest Taboo
Miss Jack Davey - iFEEL featuring Blu
Kissey Asplund - Move Me



Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Pooh - Delightful Bars Candy Apple Itunes Version reiew

They say I took a Step back/ I say I stepped up/ Niggas don’t know the facts,” raps Pooh on his first single, The Comeback from his new album Delighful Bars. Big Pooh has definitely stepped his rhyme game up which is to be expected because as Phonte claims, he is endlessly penning rhymes to perfect his craft. The hunger to prove himself comes across on Delightful Bars as he has been dogged by fans’ opinions that he was the weakest member of Little Brother (A fan once stated that he rhymes like his 5 year old brother was ghost writing for him!). This album is for those fans, and some songs are directly targeted at them, such as The Rerelease, however there are times when his rhymes disappoint. On the Real, for example, is one of the few tracks that show that these songs were initially created to be placed on a mixtape and were reconsidered to be included on the album. 2/3 of the11 tracks on Delightful Bars, excluding the intro & outro, are guest appearances. On albums filled with guest appearances, the artists don't necessarily complement the album, but instead add length to the tracks they appear on. One noteworthy guest appearance, although it's behind the boards, is from former Little Brother member, 9th Wonder. 9th submits one of the best tracks I’ve heard from him in YEARS as well as one of the best on the album. Big Pooh obviously recognizes this and returns the favor by delivering strong and maybe even my favorite verses on the album with Rear View Mirror. The last four tracks on this Candy Apple version (total of four versions, which will feature slight track variations) are the best to me.

Overall I give Delightful Bars Candy Apple ItunesVersion 5 out of 7 headnods

* Head Nod Scale
1=Don't waste your time like I did mine.
2=Waste your time like I did mine but I dare you to disagree.
3=Well, there was the single.
4=If it were a hand in spades there's "two and a possible".
5=It's a "good" album. Meaning at least 3 or 4 solid songs.
6=Really Good Project. Has the "Rewind Factor" more than once.
7=The number of completion. Great Album. Instant Classic.

Big Pooh - Rear View Mirror

Vinyl? Check! # 23: Change is Gooood!

This funky number, Changes, is from the movie Report to the Commissioner and appears on Burch's 1975 album, I'll Be Your Sunshine. That's Burch on the guitar and vocals with the incomparable Joe Sample on keys. I bet this was a "get ready for the weekend" song for somebody, because I know I'm ready for the weekend now! Let's GO!

Vernon Burch - Changes

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pac Div - Funky For You '09 and more...

Smirnoff returns with the next release from it's Signature Mix Series for '09. Pac Div - Funky For You '09, remaking Nice & Smooth's classic with 9th Wonder on the boards. Once again, I prefer the original, but this is nice.

Pac Div - Funky For You '09

Dave from De La Soul's Nice & Smooth impersonation > Pac Div's

De La Soul -Simply

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DJ Lefto's Q-Tip Mix for Gilles Peterson Worldwide

Q-Tip has been getting a lot of love for his We Fight/We Love Remix today. To add to the fire, here's a DOOOPE mix Lefto did in preparation for Q-tip's trip to the UK on 3.14.2009

mos def: make it all better ft. q-tip
a tribe called quest: verses from the abstract (jive)
a tribe called quest: like it like that (jive)
a tribe called quest: jazz (jive)
janet jackson ft. q-tip: got till it’s gone (emi)
a tribe called quest: midnight (jive)
q-tip & words: makin’ it blend (rawkus)
a tribe called quest: start it up (jive)
a tribe called quest: one, two, shit ft. busta rhymes (jive)
a tribe called quest: find a way (jive)
slum village ft. q-tip: hold tight (goodvibe)
q-tip: gettin’ up (motown/universal)
a tribe called quest: footprints (jive)
a tribe called quest: oh my god remix (jive)
a tribe called quest: oh my god (jive)
q-tip ft. norah jones: life is better (motown/universal)
a tribe called quest: excursions (jive)
a tribe called quest: award tour (jive)
q-tip: vivrant thing (jive)
a tribe called quest: steve biko (jive)
a tribe called quest: separate/together (jive)
q-tip: won’t trade (motown/universal)
a tribe called quest: check the rhyme (jive)
a tribe called quest: hot sex (jive)
a tribe called quest: jam (jive)
a tribe called quest: luck of lucien (jive)
the chemical brothers ft. q-tip: galvanize (astralwerks)
q-tip ft. amanda diva: manwomanboogie (motown/universal)
can: aspectacle -holger czukay edit (harvest)

Lefto - Q-Tip Mix

Vinyl? Check! # 22: Dadgummit I know that sample!!!

I JUST saw the Debarge's UNSUNG on TV1 and decided to check out some old Switch albums. When this song, My Friend in the Sky, began I knew it had been sampled, but I couldn't figure it out for the longest. I finally figured it out, can you? I can understand why this has been sampled though, it's way too dope. Check it out

Switch - My Friend In the Sky

Q-Tip - We Fight/We Love Remix

Something tells me Q-Tip doesn't plan on going anywhere... I'm glad that he continues to drop dope remixes to keep the people interested in his project. If you haven't picked up the album yet, PLEASE GO DO SO! It's definitely worth it. Shouts to Kanye wow, I said that? on the beat!

Q-Tip; Kanye West; Consequence - We Fight/We Love Remix

K'naan - Troubador - Album Review

I first got put on to K'naan through Myspace a couple of years ago and later through DJ Edu's show on BBC 1XTRA. Born in Mogadishu, Somalia and currently residing in Toronto, K'naan drops his second full length effort Troubador, following his well accepted international debut Dusty Foot Philosopher. During his first release, he would soon go on tour with the Marley brothers Stephen and Damian, and would later spend four months at the late Bob Marley's house and recording studios to put together this release, with Stephen as a "spiritual producer" of the album. Guests include Mos Def, Chubb Rock, Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, Damian Marley and an L.A. children's choir.

I first have to speak for a minute on the country of Somalia..After doing some research, it seems that K'naan has alot to speak on in regards to his homeland. I'm talking about REAL pirates in the oceans. Story says (if you may not have heard) that European firms began dumping toxic waste around the shores of Somalia, so they took matters into their own hands by hijacking anyone who comes near their waters, while holding them for a huge ransom.Couple that with a collapsed government and youth running around with guns and you have a few of the realities of Somalia.

Ok, back to the music..This album definitely has the proverbial "something for everyone" in terms of styles that weave in and out of hip hop, rock, pop, traditional Ethio/Somali music, and folk, but what I like most about this album is that K'naan manages to reflect, be totally honest, and straightforward about life, love, and struggle (in a believable way) while still having fun, attributes all needed in today's music. Much props to the brother for pulling off a multi-genre album that doesn't come off as overproduced, watered down or just plain corny. Pick this one up through the links on his myspace page, and check out the videos and singles as well.

Junior Star gives Troubador a 6.5 out of 7 head nods.

Top Tracks:
T.I.A. - Straight up party starter, call and response, great opening track.

ABCs - (feat. Chubb Rock) - K'naan+Treat Em Right sample+ Chubb Rock=Classic.

Bang Bang (feat. Adam Levine) - Reminds me of when I used to rock out to Duran Duran back in the day, pre-hip hop era..

America (feat. Mos Def and Chali 2na) - Favorite Track. My wife: "How is it that Mos Def is always on the freshest beats?"

15 Minutes Away - Funny track about receiveing and sending money via Western Union..brings back old college memories..

Fire In Freetown - 2nd favorite Track. Dope song all singing and no raps.

I have to give a SUPER shout out to my son who requests (and absolutely wilds out to) this album and videos everyday.

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Wax Poetics Sundays 3 Year Anniversary!

This Sunday marks 3 years(!) of Wax Poetics Sundays at Charlemagne Records (Birmingham, Alabama) and all I can say is that the time seems to have flown by. Check us out this Sunday March 29th with special guests, DJ Berraco and DJ Rahdu, and our regulars, Don Johnson, Jubal John and myself. This is the place to be if you're in the mood to vibe with everything from jazz to funk, reggae to hip hop, Brazillian to house, Afrobeat to Classic Soul and more, all vinyl all afternoon long from 1pm-6pm.

Wax Poetics Sundays was started in 2006 to promote the award winning and overall best music publication in print (in my opinion), Wax Poetics Magazine, and to pay tribute to the culture of vinyl recordings and the artists who are discovered and rediscovered through buying records. The monthly set (held every last Sunday of the month) is hosted by Charlemagne Records and its go-to-guy for any and all things music related, Jim Ross aka "Jimmy".

There will be a special *$1 off on any Wax Poetics back issue, so if you've missed one or if you've never bought one, don't miss out. *While supplies last.

For more on Wax Poetics check out a previous post w/video here.
And..Be sure to check out Wax Poetics Digital for their incredible new music download store.

Charlemagne Records is located at 1924 1/2 (upstairs) 11th Ave South. Birmingham, Alabama 35205

Fall in Love with Iman Williams...

and then go HERE to vote for her as URB Next 1000!

"I was picked for the URB Next 1000 and I need your support. Please vote for me :-) More than likely they will want you to sign up on the site so just letting you know ahead of times. Thanks so much!"

Iman Williams - Fall in Love

BLS Podcast: Daniel Russo (Compilation)

DJ Vadim - Saturday
DJ Muro - Untitled
I.N.T. - Effection
Whitefield Brothers - Yakuba
Pete Rock Instrumental
Aardvarck - Smurf
Isjberg - Stop
Asa - 360
Bellereuche - 13.6.35
Braille - Hardrock
Freddie Scott - You Got What I Need
Lord Finesse; Double XX Posse - Money Talks Instrumental
Pac Div; Dom Kennedy; Mykel - On Off Switch
Dutchmassive - Kelleys Dream
Incognito - Step Aside (Dmitri & DJ Meme Remix)
Raw Artistic Soul; Wunmi - Oya O
ATBAN Klann - Goin For A Ride
Anthony Hamilton - Im a Mess Instrumental
Velben - Madhouse
Raphael Saadiq; Teedra Moses - Chic
Camp Lo - Ticket 4 2
Buillon - Time For Us All To Love

Download / Get Podcast Here

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

JayTeeDee presents Just Me & My Selfish Needs (That's What She Said)

just a lil' something i came up with....


Mobb Deep - Shook Ones, Pt.2
Asher Roth - Lark On My Go Cart
Slum Village - EZ Up
Bilal - Get Out of my Hair
Jamie & Nola Introlude
Peter Hadar - Laugh Together
Tanya Morgan - So Damn Down
Midas Hutch - Yes, No, Maybe
KiD CuDi - Super Boo
N.E.R.D. - You Know What
Kanye West - Paranoid
Platinum Pied Pipers - American Pimp featuring Neco Redd
88 Keys - Ho Is Short For Honey featuring KiD CuDi
Vikter Duplaix - The Way I Feel
Sade - Hang On To Your Love
Dwele - Let Your Hair Down
Platinum Pied Pipers - Deep Inside featuring Sa-Ra Creative Partners

Download Here (Right Click/Save As)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Black Milk - Dreams (Web Exclusive)

The much-anticipated self-titled full-length from Random Axe - the supergroup consisting of Black, Sean Price, and Guilty Simpson - is near completion and is slated to drop this summer on Duck Down Records. He's also been recording numerous tracks for Slum Village's forthcoming project, and recently completed the track On the Grind for KRS-One and Buckshot's new album, which includes a hook sung by superstar Mary J. Blige. Fittingly, Black is also producing his first full-length R&B album for Detroit chanteuse Melanie Rutherford (who appeared on Bond 4 Life from the TRONIC album), and chipping away at an instrumental project using samples culled from blaxploitation flicks. Never one to shy away from the mic for too long, Black Milk recently recorded the brand new solo track Dreams as a web exclusive

Black Milk - Dreams

Vinyl? Check! # 22: Perfect Strangers

This 1978 Rufus/Chaka Khan collaboration, Street Player is just dope all the way around. It includes the magnificent soul gem, Stay, and one of my newfound favorites Stranger To Love. Noone can duplicate Chaka's voice; It just oozes with soul and sensuality without sounding as if she's even trying. I also enjoy the movements in the song, which you don't hear enough of anymore. Check it out HERE.

Rufus - Street Player

Late Pass #3: Chin Chin

I remember when I first saw this album on DustyGroove. I thought, "Funky club soul from Def Jux? Nah, I don't trust that." After hearing their second album, The Flashing, The Fancing, I HAD to get any remaining works that hadn't crossed my path. Thus my return to 1998's self titled album and it's just as dope as their latest work. If you don't have this, you need to get it and the Flashing, The Fancing, in your life!
BTW, this is currently out of stock again on Dusty Groove and I just copped mine last week, so that should lend some idea to the treat this album is...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dj DviousMindZ Presents Scrambled Eggs Season 1 EP 5

"Shout out to Neji for the artwork. Like always i was just having some fun with this. I don't think anyone has sampled this song like i did. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section/my myspace @ www.myspace.com/dviousmindz OR my twitter page @ www.twitter.com/dviousmindz. Thanks for you time and thanks for listening."thank you for your time and support!

Wish You Were Here (Original Version)

Dj DviousMindZ - Wish You Were Here

Everett James - Enigma EP

The Concept & Composition of The Enigma
An enigma (from Greek αἴνιγμα, plural enigmas or enigmata) is a puzzle, something mysterious or inexplicable, or a riddle or difficult problem.

I experienced a complete lack of inspiration from all the digital music and computers. I had experienced the computer crash which lead to the recordings on THE LOST TAPES. This crash left me with no digital equipment or computer to work on. Simultaneously, I fell in love, and for the first time experienced the companionship of a woman in my life in a "real" relationship. As a man in love, we begin to understand that there is only one true enigma on earth. There is one subject that man can study infinitely yet could never fully understand. The complexity and beauty of woman. The concept developed from the abandoning of all things that were not true analogue sounds. Woman is natural beauty and living so the sound had to be real. The instrumentation is very simple recorded from drums, bass, guitar, and fender rhodes. The recording process was very raw and live.
This is my attempt to further develop a sound that is far away from what is currently labeled soul, hip-hop, or urban music. In composing "The Enigma" I gained inspiration from an extremely wide selection of music and art that challenged the listener and moved forward. I also wished to show the beauty of live instrumentation and the human voice. This musical offering is to reintroduce the sound to a world that has become so sequenced, sampled, digital, and auto-tuned.
I hope this musical blessing lives with you as it has with me. This EP will be available this spring and you will be hearing more as we put the finishing touches on this project!

Thank you

I was fortunate enough to be able to preview this EP and was also able to select one of my favorites, Im Here, to share with you before The EP's release on 4-20-2009. Make sure you check out Everett's myspace page to hear some of the songs that will be on The Enigma and cop the previous joints!

Everett James - I'm Here

Yellowtail - Grand & Putnam Album Review

Check out DJ Rahdu's review of Yellowtail's new album, Grand & Putnam which features appearances from Monday Michiru, Alison Crockett, and Jose James to name a few at Nu-Soul Magazine

Vinyl? Check! # 21:Feeling the Vibes

Love Will Bring Us Back Together is the song that usually gets the most attention off of Roy Ayer's 1979 Polydor album Fever. As can be expected there are a lot of gms here, and at least one dud(Take Me Out to the Ball Game). Today, this funky little number, If You Love Me stands out and fits my mood for the day. Enjoy!

Roy Ayers - If You Love Me

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tosca - Springer

Tosca, the collaborative duo made up of electronic music heroes Richard Dorfmeister and Richard Huber, are back with their fifth LP, No Hassle out April 28th on !K7. Check out the first track to leak from the album, Springer, below. Streaming audio, a video interview, and a free track are available at http://www.tosca-nohassle.com/.

Tosca - Springer

Monday, March 16, 2009

The New Classics (The Tagless Version)

Tracks by everyone from Jesse Boykins III, Pac Div, and Shawn Jackson to Aloe Blacc; all produced by Cook Classics. Get it HERE
If you want the mixed version with talking, get that HERE

BLS Podcast: Ralph Macchio (Compilation)

AB & Daru; Black Milk - On Deck
Jay Dee - The Dee
Clutchy Hopkins; MF Doom - Change the Beat
Rhymefest - Sister
Jamal - Fades Em All
Redman - Where Am I?
Cy Young - Young World Instrumental
The Ambassadors - Ain't Got the Love
James Pants; Gary Davis - You're the One
Black Moon - Who Got the Props (Evil Dee Mix) Instrumental
Jimpster - Closer to You
Somatik - Pneumatik
Kaskade - Tonight
Ahmad Miller - Sunny C (California)
Sirius B - Rio Do Coracao
Inner Shade - Heaven
Dr Who Dat?; Capital Peoples - Pharoah's Dream
Jake One; Alchemist; Evidence; Prodigy - White Van
Hi-Tek; DCQ; Talib Kweli - Get Back, Pt.2
The Mohawks - Champ

Download / Get Podcast

Friday, March 13, 2009

Che Grand - Girl's Talk

Shouts to my man Nate Geezie for shooting me this. Che Grand is a dope emcee who has an upcoming project, Everything's Good Ugly ,that the net is waiting for. Girl's Talk is produced by AEON. "AEON’s breakdown from electro boom bap to house to a play on Bobby Womack and The New Birth’s “I Can Understand It” is just too ill for words." Go HERE to check out the songs that were referenced to make this track.

Che Grand - Girls Talk

J-Finesse - Back To Life '09

J-Finesse returns with another banger; a refix/edit of Soul II Soul's Back to Life. This is different than anything else I've heard from him but is definitely one of the best. Back to Life '09 has a minimalist groove with a nice progression. Check it out

J-Finesse - Back To Life '09

BLS Coming Events

March 20, 2009 - Urban Art Exibition: Art Beats + Lyrics is a unique display of art, music, hip hop and multimedia brought to you by Jack Daniels and best of all it's FREE. There will be a DJ set by DJ Rahdu. Register now at www.jackdaniels.com/abl

Sunday April 5, 2009 Soul singer PJ Morton returns to Birmingham to give a one night performance! Also featuring the soul music of Britten and the Sounds of Ashley Guin. Birmingham's #1 Soul Brother, DJ Rahdu will be on the turntables spinnin' the soul. Brought to you by Urbanham.com, Bama Love Soul and HOT 107.7.Tickets are on sale now at http://www.workplay.com/. Keep your browser pointed to Urbanham.com for a chance to win tickets to this hot show! For more information visit http://www.workplay.com/ or call (205) 380-4082.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

BLS iTunes Shuffle: D'Assistance (Compilation)

Zulema - If This World Were Mine
Donavon Frankenreiter - Fool
Kidz in The Hall - Mr. Alladatsh!t
Everett James - Runnin
Cy Young - Power Instrumental
Boozoo Bajou - Fuersattel
Peter Hadar - Sweat
Dorian Concept - Clap Beep Boom
Change - Change of Heart
Mark Fader - That Boy
Exile - Love Line
The Believers - Mr. Hot Pants aka Across the Track, Pt 1-2
Tuomo - Firsts
Lisa Shaw - Inside My Love
Deyampert - I Want You to Know Me
Slakah the Beatchils - Whats This Feeling
Cro-Magnon - Mysterious Vibes
Bellereuche - Balance
Menahan Street Band - Tired of Fighting

D'Assistance (Compilation)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jo Well & Markfader - Listen

yoo....just wanted to send this track your way....along with the current mixtape I'm working on, titled "Welcome to the Jungle," I am also working on a project with Markfader, and a project with Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas...yah, a lot of people might hate on the peas now, but don't forget they had a solid catalog of music with the hip hop albums "behind the front" and "bridging the gap," both released before the group really "made it big"....I'll be sending you guys tracks from all the projects as they progress..oh yes...I also have another EP with DviousMindZ in the works....so here is a track to give you guys a taste of what the tracks with me and markfader might sound like...I have another one from us that I'll send in a couple of days...thanks again for all the continued support!

Jo Well & Markfader - Listen

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On (Beatnick & K-Salaam Remix)

Another dope remix by this duo, but the original > the remix... to me

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On (Beatnick & K-Salaam Remix)

Tanya Morgan - So Damn Down

There's a city far off; it only takes a few seconds to get there though. A place you could only imagine; yet, somehow it's one of the realest places you've been. That place is Brooklynati, a virtual city reachable by one click of a mouse. Listen to the soundscape of Brooklynati, USA by exploring the sights and sounds of the song "So Damn Down," by city architects Tanya Morgan from their upcoming sophomore LP of the same name. Surrounded by a deceptively cheery orchestral blend of melodic bass lines, soft French horns, and slow pulsing synths, the song has that comforting classic hip-hop feel to it.

However, don’t let the title of the song fool you into thinking this upbeat sounding song is full of hip-hop clichés about lyrical braggadocios; listen carefully to pick up on clues about the unspoken gritty truths of being an indie artist. Read between the lines and hear the word painting; if you don’t catch the underlying meaning on the first listen, give it another spin. Don't let it spoil your mood though, as Tanya Morgan's lesson is in perseverance, despite tough times. There’s no need to pack a suitcase because Brooklynati is as familiar to you as home.

Tanya Morgan - So Damn Down

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BLS Spotlight: Chin Chin - The Flashing, The Fancing

The Flashing, The Fancing is a must have for anyone looking for smoky nighttime flavored grooves. I hate to admit but I have no clue what "Fancing" is, but if it helped to add to the dopeness of this album I want more of it! Chin Chin’s second full length project has a very sophisticated sound that draws from a wealth of players ranging from The Temptations and Delfonics to Cibbo Matto and TV on the Radio. Although, they have such tenured and acclaimed musicians on the album, they do a great job of making it accessible to all listeners. The grooves lend themselves to a perfect nighttime feel though, and are perfect for grooving in the bed (It’s OK) or getting your “boogie on” on the dance-floor (Moments). There are many catchy tunes here, some of which are spacey, groovy instrumentals (Peterdactyl) not unlike what you would find on an early Jamiroquai album. This is definitely one for the premium cognac sippers especially GG & The Boys, get it today HERE.

QuESt - Distant Travels Into Soul Theory

Distant Travels Into Soul Theory is a cool project from Miami, Fl emcee, Quest. He's flipping older soul tunes, many of which have been sampled before and spitting over them to great effect. The interesting thing about Quest is that he has many different styles; He never sounds the same on each track so he doesn't get boring. Check it out HERE

Saturday, March 7, 2009

DJ Rahdu Live from Steppers & Walkers (2008)

Here's one that got removed lost by Blogger last year. No Playlist

DJ Rahdu Live from Steppers & Walkers

Friday, March 6, 2009

Get the Gifted Beats then Go Buy!

GB is a Cali producer that first hit my radar with his late 2004 album Soundtrack for Sunrise. He's returned bearing gifts with GB Interprets His Contemporaries, a compilation of tracks by everyone from Little Dragon to The Beach Boys which are reinterpreted by GB. He's also released Inverted Listening, which is the "...first installment of the three-part Healing Tones series. The intent with this recording was to use a minimal amount of tonal synthesis in a cyclical fashion without a beat to be used as sort of a cleansing process for the noosphere. Inverted Listening is now available through Amazon, iTunes, and most other digital retailers. " Enjoy GB Interprets His Contemporaries by downloading HERE and
then pick up the digital release of Inverted Listening!