Sunday, January 31, 2010

Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers Instrumentals (Download)

We turned you on to Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers (The Wu-Tang Clan vs. The Beatles)HERE by producer/rapper Tom Caruana. Now you can get The Instrumentals as well; How fortuitous is this? Get 'em HERE

Mayer Hawthorne - A Strange Arrangement Instrumentals

Stones Throw now has Mayer Hawthorne’s A Strange Arrangement (Instrumentals) available – 11-tracks, single vinyl. Check him out on Jmmy Kimmel below performing Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin'

D'angelo - 1000 Deaths

Here's an unreleased, unmastered D'angelo track that's being referred to as new that we found on last wk. This track was referenced as far back as 3 yrs ago as having a "heavy rock/funk vibe" with " some really nice guitar work from him also." Enjoy this 7 minute + opus

D'angelo - 1000 Deaths

Dwele exposes his Dilla influences for Workin On It

Dwele plays the original Dilla tunes that are used to create Workin On It from Sketches of a Man and sez,
"for the people that didnt understand the "sporaticness" . . .is that a word??. . the sporatic changes. . .of the song. here are the originals...i tried to get all of them, but it was movin too fast...
for the people that didnt understand the "sporaticness" . . .is that a word??. . the sporatic changes. . .of the song. here are the originals...i tried to get all of them, but it was movin too fast for me,gotta get my dj game up, gimmie 2 months. . . "

Mos Def x Robert Glasper - Dilla tribute LIVE in Ann Arbor (2008)

What better way to transition from LIVE audio week to Dilla tribute week and get y'all ready for Dilla Day 2010 than this Mos Def and Robert Glasper led tribute to J Dilla in Ann Arbor. Enjoy!
01. Black Radio
02. Fantastic
03. The $
04. Interlude
05. E=MC2
06. Jam
07. Ms. Fat Booty
08. The Look of Love
09. Players
10. Bass Solo
11. Jam
12. Interlude
13. Paint The World
14. Interlude
15. Stakes Is High
16. Fall In Love

Mos Def x Roberet Glasper - Dilla tribute LIVE in Ann Arbor (2008) (Download)

The Minigolf Pharaos - Free & Here For

This beautiful track was sent to me via Soundcloud by The Minigolf Pharaos. I love it when you have low/no expectations for a track and it completely exceeds your expectations. Free & Here For contains clever usage of Pillowtalk and great transitions between movements. I cant wait to hear more from these cats. Enjoy

The Minigolf Pharaos - Free & Here For

AJB presents SLik d 'Midnight Vibes'

Whoa!!! That was my first reaction when I first heard this! SLik D aka Dallas Duncan is a kid from the left coast just trying to be heard. Well we hear you loud and clear. A Coming February 28th 2010. SLik d's third installment to his Vibes collection 'Midnight Vibes' presented by Apple Juice Break, is a compilation of groovy headnodding beats and dope lyrics all revolving around the magic midnight hour. Featuring production from Polyester The Saint, Elaquent, and to SLik d himself. This is sure to be a cool vibe to cruise to late at night! Check out the promo video produced by SLik D featuring a dope flip of The Boondocks theme.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Scienz of Life - Build Wit Me Feat. Baretta 9 (Of Killer Army)

"Peep Da CATALOG! Is a series of Free downloads that I will post from my catalog in attempts to introduce my FB peeps that are not so in tune to my extensive catalog of albums/songs from 1996 - Present! Stay Tuned! This is going to be FUN!" - John Robinson
Download the first entry, Scienz of Life's Build Wit Me Feat. Baretta 9 (Of Killer Army)HERE

<a href="">Scienz of Life Build Wit Me Feat. Baretta 9 (Of Killer Army) by John Robinson</a>

Jewn Sabbath - Babble On feat Tre Hardson

From Jewn Sabbath's 2007 album Absinthe Minded. He enlisted former Pharcyde member Tre Hardson to drop some lines on one of my all time favorite samples. Enjoy

Jewn Sabbath - Babble On feat Tre Hardson

Nicholas Kopernicus - Audiocentric Unplugged (Download)

Audiocentric Unplugged is a free EP recorded by the instrumental duo Nicholas Kopernicus in conjunction with Laid-back radio and Photographer/videographer Carlito Brigante. Get the free download of Audiocentric Unplugged HERE

Nicholas Kopernicus - Commentariolus (Unplugged)

Kidz In The Hall - Land of Make Believe

Kidz In The Hall are embarking on their next journey into the Land of Make Believe. For Naledge, MC of Kidz In The Hall, he sees the project as "the moment we have worked for has come to a crossroad. We strive for success in this music industry, but we have never taken time to look ourselves in the mirror and analyze what this industry has made us. As a lyricist, I used this album to serve as a soundtrack to my aspirations and to my downfalls, but also as a chance to evaluate who I am as a man compared to whom I envisioned myself to be.”

Land of Make Believe, is a timely reminder for us all to take a step back and analyze how we can strive to be better and achieve more. Includes co-production by Just Blaze, and appearances by MC Lyte, Marsha Ambrosius & more

(All tracks produced by Double-O and the LP includes no samples

Bun B - Pants on the Ground (prod by Double O)
This wont appear on the album but I dig it

Kidd Neer, Señor Kaos, Fresh Daily - Light You Fire

SMKA’s The 808 Experiment (Download) is an annual compilation, produced entirely by SMKA, which showcases the immense talent and diversity that exists in hip-hop…and especially Atlanta. Though a majority of the artists are from Atlanta, this project features artists from all over the states, and abroad. The project features unknown artists, well-established artists and up-and-coming buzz artists, which makes it a truly unique compilation of music.

Artist include Tanya Morgan, Hollyweerd, Outasight, Senor Kaos, Fresh Daily, Rahbi, Shawn Chrystopher, Nappy Roots

Kidd Neer, Señor Kaos, Fresh Daily - Light You Fire (Produced By SMKA)

D.Black - Special feat Fatal Lucciauno

Teaming up with fellow Emerald City native and frequent collaborator B.Brown, D.Black is gearing up to release a brand new (and free!) EP entitled Black and Brown – D.Black will be handling all the vocals, while producer B.Brown provides the beats. In anticipation of the release, D.Black is leaking the first song from the forthcoming EP for public consumption. "Special" (Download) is about taking a stand against the destructive ways that most people live their lives. "We got a generation dying over wealth, but we constantly chasing our self," raps D.Black. It showcases the lyrical skills and sophistication you have come to expect from D.Black, smooth production by B.Brown, and features a guest spot from fellow Sportn' Life Records labelmate MC Fatal Lucciauno. The trio prove that, just in case you weren't sure, Sportn' Life Records and MYX Music Label are a force to be reckoned with.

D.Black - Special feat Fatal Lucciauno

Kurt Wagner - Gangs of Rome (Video)

In the first video from the forthcoming Mavis project, the reflective soul of Lambchop's Kurt Wagner is set to a backdrop of urban London as seen by cosmic explorers. Stenciled throughout this landscape is a grafitti'd stencil of an iconic image of Mavis Staples, the inspiration behind the project, and a symbol of integrity and creativity. Producers Ashley Beedle & Darren Morris' Mavis project, featuring Wagner, Cerys Matthews, Candi Staton, Sarah Cracknell, Edwyn Collins, and many more, will be out March 2nd on !K7.

DVS - Attunement

New music from DVS' Beyond the Looking Glass utilizing a dope Al Green sample. Get Attunement HERE and hear more from DVS HERE

<a href="">Attunement by D.V.S*</a>

Jarrard Anthony - Damn Sista

New single by Jarrard Anthony from his upcoming album The Message! described as "an ode to every woman," its a treat anybody can groove to. Also check out the homie Duane Powell who makes a cameo in the video and has a new podcast Transitions available HERE

Jarrard Anthony - Damn Sista

Sade - The Making of Her New Album +

Much like the Badu track that "premiered" yesterday, Sade's new album is getting mixed reviews. Overall, you get a more modern approach to the classic Sade feel that you're used to, but there are attempts to grow and branch out that may not be recieved easily, if ever, by Sade purists. Nevertheless here's my favorite track on the album, In Another Time, and check out the making of the album below

Sade - In Another Time

Friday, January 29, 2010

Erykah Badu 'Jump Up In The Air' (Thoughts)

By now you probably have heard the new Erykah Badu track, tentatively titled 'Jump Up In The Air' and if you haven't then click on over to and listen. There's even a nifty flash video to go along with it. I've heard some mixed reviews about the track already but mostly positive. I for one like it. The upbeat bass heavy thump definitely puts this in the banger category and Miss Badu's quirky melodic half singing is on point as usual. The addition of Lil' Wayne doesn't take anything away from the vibe and he even sounds somewhat coherent here. Maybe some of what Erykah's got is rubbing off on him. You know she has a spell over rappers, for better or for worse. All in all 'Jump Up In The Air' (And Stay There) is a solid track in my opinion, and a good premiere. Although there has been a small argument that this song has already been leaked, which is true to some extent but in defense this is the official leak whereas the other version was recorded unauthorized from a listening session. We already covered that here. Never the less, we're glad to have an official track that can tide us over til the full album leaks drops. But we encourage discussion here at Bama Love Soul so leave us a Love Note and let us know your thoughts on 'Jump Up In The Air' and 'New Amerykah, Part 2.' Thank you for all your support and keep listening.


Do you know where you'll be today at 3:33 pm? Well if you're smart you'll be joining us at to hear the official leak from her new album 'A New Amerykah Pt. 2 Return of the Ankh'. We've been anticipating this release for a while and there shouldn't be any question about it's quality cause according to Ms. Badu "I don't like to do .99 cent songs." And in a little over 6 hours we'll hear the priceless gem that Miss Badu has been working on. Make sure you be there. 'A New Amerykah Pt. 2 Return of the Ankh' drops 03/30/2010 A.D.

Grooveman Spot 'Change Situations' Sampler

This is a nice surprise, I got this in my inbox just a little while ago and its been on repeat for the better part of the morning! Japanese DJ/producer Grooveman Spot A.K.A. DJ Kou-G is part of the Jazzy Sport label known for its quality Jazz/Hip-Hop-inspired releases. He has released several mixtapes, albums, and eps including the recent Re:Eternal Development (Gold Star & Silver Star), remixes of his 2006 Eternal Development LP. His highly anticipated second album 'Change Situations' is a dope blend of jazzy hip-hop influenced beats and smooth soul. Featuring artists: Ahu, Erik Rico, Grap Luva, Kissey Asplund, John Robinson, Muhsinah, Aaron Phiri. Another one for the anticipated list. 'Change Situations' drops 04/07/2010.

Digable Planets - Live in Seattle '95 (Final Show)

My favorite hip hop trio called it quits in '95 after only 2 albums. This is their final show...before they reunited briefly in the middle of 2000.

Digable Planets - Live in Seattle '95 (Final Show) (Download)

Joy Jones - Over (Markus Gramm Remix)

The good folks over at SoulBounce turned me on to Markus Gramm's remix of Joy Jones' Over. "Gramm maintains the integrity of Joy's original but makes the A Tribe Called Quest "Electric Relaxation"/Ronnie Foster "Mystic Brew" sample less pronounced and adds a piano, which blends nicely with her Auto-Tuned voice." Dig it? Head to his Bandcamp page for the download and over to his site and check out other things Markus Gramm has reworked.

<a href="">Over [Markus <span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_5">Gramm</span> Remix] by Fave</a>

Thursday, January 28, 2010

D'angelo - Live in Stockholm (2 Discs)

It was 10 years ago this week that the highly regarded Voodoo album was released. I feel that its only right to share this audio of D'angelo performing material from that album in Stockholm at Cirkus. Enjoy!
Download HERE

DTMD 'The Basics EP'

It's very rare these days that I find new hip-hop that I like. So called rappers these days either try to be too underground or too gangsta, there's hardly a middle ground anymore. I long for the days where there was equal focus on the beats and lyrics and attention paid making sure that both were in synchronicity. DTMD have somehow found this formula and they put in action in their free EP 'The Basics.' DMV duo DTMD, made up of producer Dunc & emcee Toine, have released their latest project The Basics EP. You may recognize Dunc from his contribution to Diamond District’s critically acclaimed album In The Ruff and Toine from "95 North" off of Oddisee's "Oddisee 101" album. No gimmicks or coonery, just smooth headnodding beats and earnest wordplay. These cats are definitely on the watch for list.

&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ampamp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ampamp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Intro by DTMD&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ampamp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ampamp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

Om Unit - All City Past Present & Future Showcase

30 min mix of various releases have come & soon come on the All City label - mixed by Om Unit.(Download)
Previewing some of the stuff we will be releasing this year on the label - a 45 every month, the L.A 10 inch series, a series of collaborative 12s plus LPs from Onra, Knxwledge & more..

Matthew David - Late Nite Lo Fi For dak
Pudge - Awn My Dawn
Tokimonsta - Park Walks
Heralds Of Change - Work That
Take - warm Ruin
Dimlite - Quiz Tears
Hudson Mohawke - ROot Hands
Pudge - Blips Ahoy Mate
Mweslee - Jamas Jame Jamon
Dibiase - Spacely Sprockets
Fulgeance - Mamie Thè
Heralds Of Change - Ridin Chrome
Musinah - Lose My Fuse
Tokimonsta - Last Nights Blurry Memories
Om Unit - Lightgrids
Snowman - Rise
Onra - Wee Out ft. Buddy Sativa
Krystal Klear - Tried for your love
Devonwho -Keepthefunkalive
Knxwledge - Wait

Om Unit - All City Past Present & Future Showcase

The Roots LIVE w/Common and Jill Scott '99

The Roots LIVE with Jill Scott and Common in Seattle Washington 1999 at The Fenix. Enjoy!
Download HERE

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Shelltoes - I Was Told There Would Be Refreshments (Download)

I Was Told There Would Be Refreshments, The Shelltoes first EP blends the worlds of jazz & hip-hop. The 5 track EP is available for download for a limited time via the cloud or directly from here. If you really like the tunes, you could even go so far as to buy them on iTunes.

The Shelltoes - Porgy
Check out The Shelltoes - Welcome to the Jungle Gym Mix HERE

Sade - Skin

Sade's new album 'Soldier of Love' is dropping soon and she has blessed us with another track to wet our appetites. 'Skin' is signature Sade, a smooth and sensual laid back track that you can groove too. This definitely pushes 'Soldier' of Love' to the top of the most anticipated album list of 2010.

Sade - Skin

Quadron - Average Fruit

Quadron is an experimental duo from Copenhagen that fans of Little Dragon, Lykke Li, etc would really enjoy. Look for a lot of amazing things coming soon from Quadron, including their upcoming self-titled full length release on March 23rd. According to Quadron’s Robin Hannibal the track is, "...Heavily inspired by Charles Stepney string arrangements, the beat is a take on a modern version of a syncopated African rhythm.”

Quadron - Average Fruit (Download)

DooDoo Funk All-Stars - The Chronicles of Dookie Green

"Here is a new song from the upcoming DooDoo Funk All-Stars project. check the tune and let me know what you think. This particular tune was written and produced by Neco Redd, James Shelton and I and features the ladies of the DooDoo Funk All-Stars!I hope you enjoy the music! Blessings"
- Tony Ozier

DooDoo Funk All-Stars - The Chronicles of Dookie Green

..:::Nneka - Birmingham, Alabama Feb 8, 2010:::..

Nneka is making her way to Birmingham Feb 8th to promote her new album Concrete Jungle which drops Feb 2. I'll be on turntable duty! Doors oopen at 8PM Y'all coming? Need some persuading? Peep the newness

Nneka - Mind vs Heart

B Magic - The Trill Is Gone

B Magic is Toronto MC, by way of Norway. Here's the 1st single, The Trill Is Gone (Download), produced by DviousMindZ off his mixtape You Got It For Free Volume 2 which drops 02/24/10
<a href="">Trill Is Gone by B Magic</a>


 This is a new dope mix by DJ Destroyer that features some of the best in Progressive Soul and Hip-Hop.  Check it out.

10. BEYOND 2012 - DAM FUNK

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Eric Roberson Live at Maida Vale

Check out Erro performing some of your favorite tunes while hanging out with Gilles Peterson. Recorded in 2004, around the time The Vault 1.5 was released.
Download HERE

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

[Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers] / Wu-Tang Clan vs. The Beatles~Album Review

Every now and then, something happens that you least expect. It's what the phrase catching lighting in a bottle was coined for. When something magical happens and you're sure it will probably not happen again, you simply hope that at least one other person was there to experience it. Getting a front row ticket for free & by accident to Obama's inauguration and meeting Don King there, getting free front row tickets to a Janet Jackson concert years ago and writing for are some of my lightening-in-a-bottle experiences. Listening to Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers (The Wu-Tang Clan vs. The Beatles) is pure bottled electricity! Now, because I'd like to put into perspective the awesomeness of this project, I'm going to share something with you... I've NEVER owned a Wu-Tang Clan CD. I know, I know, I suck big time for that one. But, I wanted you to know that I'm not just a Wu-Tang Lover blowing smoke up your ass. I do, however, consider myself a fan but, I've been more of an artists at times than a fan so...blah, blah, blah. Anyways, take my word for it... you want to get this one!
This project was created by Tom Caruana. He's a producer/rapper from Brighton, UK. I'm not familiar with him or his work but this is a great get-to-know-what-I-can-do project. He did more than just fit some Wu-Tang-a cappellas over Beatles instrumentals, he actually created new tracks using The Beatles music as his building blocks. It's a collection of 27 tracks complete with some cleverly placed interludes created from interviews with Wu-Tang members, The Beatles and some pretty excited fans.
This is getting all 7 out of 7 head nods! Who says the best things in life aren't free? Get this while it's hot!

I'm Thed Weller and I approve this review.

* Head Nod Scale
1=Don't waste your time like I did mine.
2=Waste your time like I did mine but I dare you to disagree.
3=Well, there was the single.
4=If it were a hand in spades there's "two and a possible".
5=It's a "good" album. Meaning at least 3 or 4 solid songs.
6=Really Good Project. Has the "Rewind Factor" more than once.
7=The number of completion. Great Album. Instant Classic.

Dam Funk - Speak the Truth

Besides putting together the forthcoming STEVE ARRINGTON (Formerly of SLAVE) LP for Stones Throw as well as collaborations with NITE JEWEL, production for JODY WATLEY, various remixes for XX & the Hyperdub label, Exclusive Mix CD's for 101 Apparel, forthcoming collaborations w/ JOKER + traveling all around the world w/ the 'Modern-Funk' sound in tow...this is the newness that D-F has been up to 'so far' in 2010....w/ this one

DâM-FunK - "Speak The Truth"

"Funk is NOT a fad...It's a way of life"
- DâM-FunK

Russell Taylor - Press Pause

Russell Taylor is re-releasing his well-received album Confessional next month. Here's the humorous video for the single Press Pause

Oddisee - Traveling Man Preview

As a musician, life is often lived on the road. Each city leaves its imprint on the artist as they develop their craft. For Oddisee, the producer and MC brainchild behind 2009's critically acclaimed Diamond District, the life and travels of the artist is no mystery. Touring, recording, and keeping up with friends and family took Oddisee beyond his hometown of Washington DC to Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Rather than keep these experiences to himself, Oddisee is instead releasing a new 24-track instrumental album, sharing his worldly experiences – through music, directly with his fans; a 24 city sonic tour of the world. With this new release, Oddisee is the Traveling Man.

Oddisee - Chicago

Oddisee - Khartoum

Oddisee - San Fran

Joyo Velarde - Certain Special Way

Joyo Velarde's debut full-length album Love and Understanding is set to be released on February 16, 2010 (Quannum Projects). Joyo was born in Manila but later relocated to the Bay Area, where she is known as the female voice behind the seminal independent label Quannum. Love and Understanding consists of twelve tracks that were specially assembled by Joyo, Lyrics Born and fellow producers Jake One, RJD2, Headnodic (Crown City Rockers), and the Lifesavas' Jumbo the Garbageman. Think Vanessa Williams meets Amel Larrieux (Groove Theory). Joyo blends soul and hip hop stylishly with her stunning vocal range at the forefront. Pulling from Minnie Riperton, Chaka Khan and Tina Marie

Joyo Velarde - Certain Special Way

The Perfect Formula - Im In Love

Following the format of Pete Rock & CL Smooth/Gangstarr, we have been working on our EP for some time now and are ready to release our first track. I'm In Love featuring Verbal E & Fame (Download), with myself on the vocals and DJ Finyl on the beat, reminisces on the essence of true love with the city of Las Vegas in metaphor of a woman. New EP "The Goodness" some time next month! Please Stay Tuned!

The Perfect Formula - Im In Love feat Verbal E and FAME

Basic Vocab - What They Want

April 13th, Basic Vocab return with their sophomore LP, A Better Way, which once again is primarily produced by Tony Galvin (who has produced tracks for T.I., Young Jeezy, Trick Daddy, Trina and Nelly). After leaking "There You Are" f/Donwill (of Tanya Morgan) before the holidays, and more recently, "Prescription," today we hit you with What They Want. (Download)

Basic Vocab - What They Want

New Little Brother album Leftback April 20th

LeftBack, which will be the fourth album of Little Brother’s illustrious career, will be available April 20th via Hall Of Justus.
Little Brother members Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh worked through several versions of the album before locking in the final version of LeftBack. Close followers of Little Brother may already be familiar with the LeftBack title, however, any previously held notions of this album being an EP should be dismissed. Little Brother opted to scrap the EP concept and instead, crafted an album's worth of material for those who have been waiting patiently for new content. "I didn't want our last record to be a bunch of second-rate material," says Phonte. "I wanted to walk away from Little Brother knowing that I gave our fans all that I had to give, and said everything I wanted to say. With LeftBack, I've done that."