Friday, July 31, 2009

A New Face in R&B and Broken-Beat: Dezaray Dawn

For as long as I've been living in Atlanta,GA, I've noticed a pattern in want to be hipster/alternative artists; yet, out of all that catastrophe, I've found an artist who is very
much a sleeper and needs to be the center of attention. Dezaray Dawn, an R&B/Electro/Broken-beat singer, born in Germany and a certified army brat, is a talented individual and deserves recognition. She would consider herself to be a self-described gypsy being that she has soared the different parts of the world during half of her lifetime. With that being said, it shows how diverse Dezaray's music happens to be. Much like myself, Dezaray is an MTV baby. She grew up emulating artist she viewed on her tv screen such as Prince,Michael Jackson (R.I.P), and Madonna. However, she notes Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, and Natalie Cole as inspirations. It doesn't surprise me that Dezaray is a versatile artist considering the fact that her cousin is Anthony David, as are Sean Stockman of Boyz II Men and Tameka "Tiny" Cottle of X-Scape, who are all different in their right. Dezaray's sound is a sound that is sort of familiar, taking you to a place of Soul II Soul, Loose Ends, and Fertile Ground. At this moment, Dezaray is on the verge releasing her EP Chameleon. The Chameleon EP consists of songs like "Can't Look Away"and self-title track "Chameleon" which are both my favorite and also, in my opinion, tell the story of what the artist is dealing with in life. Dezaray currently sings background with me every now and then and she has a very melodic voice and I am happy to say that we collaborate together. Dezaray and I talk frequently and she is more than excited to let the world hear what she has to offer. Hopefully, the world is ready for her and the message that she is sent to give. I am.

Dezaray Dawn on Twitter

Dezaray Dawn- "Chameleon"

Dezaray Dawn- "Can't Look Down"

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Late Pass #23 - DKD::Future Rage

DKD has been one of my fave electronica groups since I first heard them a while ago. Unknown to many, is the fact that they are Dego from 4hero, Kaidi Tatham, and Daz-I-Kue from Bugz in the Attic. Future Rage , released in 2003; encompassed broken beat, futuristic jazz, and electro sound effects to create soundscapes and loops that transformed your mind state to something out of this world. At one point you could mentally be @ a Rave, at another you would be gazing so hard just zoning off of the vibe *head still bobbing unknowingly though*. If you weren't hip to the album back then, it's never too late...
DKD - Brighter Day
DKD - Future Rage

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Lanu ft. Kero One - It's Time

Easy grooving on a Friday Evening! I feel like I should be en route to a Jam Session after listening to It's Time. Kero One's laid back flow over Lanu's instrumentation has me in a good place. [Oooo the horns!] I got this track in my inbox and honestly had never heard of Lanu before. After research I found that this track came from his album This is My Home . I previewed it on, and really feel like going out now! Take a listen, let us know what you think!

Lanu ft. Kero One - It's Time

I can't get over how much Kero One sounds like Will Smith btw... lol

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Raekwon 'House of Flying Daggers' f/ Ghostface, Inspectah Deck, & Method Man

Dope isht like this needs no description, no setup. There's nothing to sell. What you have here is four of the hardest MC's in the game completely going in on beat by one of the greatest producers ever to do it. So WTF are you waiting for?! Download and blast this right now preferably in a residential area with the windows down!!! Rewind/Repeat...

Raekwon 'House of Flying Daggers' f/ Ghostface, Inspectah Deck, & Method Man
produced by J. Dilla

Jo Well & Markfader - Wherever You Are

We got some goodies in the inbox this week and here's one from BLS regulars, Jo Well & Markfader. Hit em up and get to know them!

Jo Well: "Yo..what's good everybody? is a track off a project that me and Markfader from The Antidotes are doing...I been working hard in the studio making new music for this project as well as the next EP with DJ DviousMindZ, that will be titled "Dollars and Sense"..I'm also working with Jansport J and NR....I've been getting my live show in order as I'm gonna be performing with a live band now... thank you everyone for the love and support and I hope you enjoy this track!"
BLS: We love it, thanks for sharing fam!
Jo Well & Markfader - Wherever You Are

New Music From Vikter Duplaix!!!

...but not like you were expecting, lol. Vikter has been holding it down on the turntables for a looong time now in both his domestic and "International Affairs." So he's decided to show you that he's more than just "Bold & Beautiful" lyrics, a wonderful voice and a great producer. Download HERE for that aural "Stimulation" as he gets his "DJ Kicks," and look forward to more mixes, as this is just a "Prelude to the Future" of downloads of his dj sets. Um, Mr. Duplaix, but when is that NEW album dropping, sir? (giggles)

Vikter Duplaix - House DJ Set

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ear Candy Chronicles Vol.2

New volume of the Ear Candy Chronicles presented by our homies Gypsy Soul, Briclyn Entertainmet and DJ Phaze. Features great music by Jaspects, Jesse Boykins III, Choklate and many more that have been featured here on BamaLoveSoul. Download it HERE

Theophilus London Ft. Jesse Boykins III - Higher

hYup, I'm back with a joint from 2 of the hardest working cats in the game right now! JBIII & Theophilus London have been blazing their individual scenes since the last few years, often merging & collaborating with artists that expose them to a brand new audience. Young Geniuses I tell you! They're making moves and will be on the radar for years to come! Watch em take it Higher!

Follow JB3 on Twitter and TheophilusL on Twitter

Beatnick + K-Salaam - Where The Streets Have No Name

07 seconds into it and *repeated head nod and a smile*. A collabo that ranges from Colin Munroe to Kweli, Bun B & K*naan? Come On Maaan, this is sum'n kinda sick, and I can appreciate! Beatnick & K-Salaam did it once again with their new release Where The Streets Have No Name. We've featured their work on the site before so I need not ramble on. Sick beats and loops, ill flows and the craziest most awesome collaborations. Artists from different ends of the rap/hip hop/alternative world criss crossing left right & center? I'm done. Cop that isht right HERE! Listen to the snippets, if you dig... please leave us a Love Note!
K'naan & Buckshot - In Jamaica
U-N-I, Tabi Bonney & Haziq - Reach For The Sky

The Sistah :: Brown On The Edges

We have a newcomer to the soul scene by the name of The Sistah. She makes her entrance with her debut Aqua League produced EP, Brown On The Edges. Featured on the EP is Canadian MC Eternia who rips it on the remix of 1ne where they "speak the truth" for the sistahs. So far, I'm digging the remix track and the acoustic version of Brooklyn Was Beautiful and wanted to hip you to the newness. So get your free download HERE, hit her up on Myspace, follow her on Twitter & here's a taste... Peace, see ya lata!
1ne Rmx Ft. Eternia
Brooklyn Was Beautiful (Acoustic)

Sol do Verão (Summer’s Sun) - Download - Wax Poetics Sundays Compilation #001

Sol do Verão (Summer’s Sun) July 2009
Inspired by last week's Wax Poetics Sundays set (@ Charlemagne Records) as
well as the #36 Issue of Wax Poetics Magazine, I compiled this "do-over" mix from joints I played on Sunday, plus a couple of bonus tracks. Enjoy this half-hour mix of a few favorites in the Brazilian crates.

1. Sergio Mendes Brasil & Brasil '66 - Promise Of A Fisherman
2. Seu Jorge & Forro in the Dark - Suor De Pele Fina
3. Arícia Mess - Super Legal
3. Djavan - Tanta Saudade
4. Dom Um Romão - Escravos de Jo
5. Djavan, Sérgio Ricardo - Samba Do Grande Amore
6. Luiz Ayrão - O Milagre Brasileiro
7. Catriburium Na Batacuda
8. João Nogueira - Batucaje
9. Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - Casa Forte
10. Black Orpheus OST (various artists) - Samba De Orfeu

Download here
Coming soon to the podcast page..

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Melo-X - BLACKsummerslnight Instrumental Remix EP (Download)

"First of all I have to apologize, we were supposed to premiere this project yesterday (it was ready), but I messed up. Anyway, waiting an extra day for some quality music isn't too bad, right? Today, OKP brings you Maxwell's Instrumental Remix EP, produced by MeLo-X. We gave you a sample track from the project last week, and now you can hear the full six track instrumental EP of Maxwell's BLACKsummers'night as remixed by MeLo-X. MeLo is definitely making a bold move by touching up an album so new and so widely heralded. I think he pulls it off well, so ..." download HERE

Peven Everett::Beyond The Universe/Party Of The Year::

Yooo! Guess who's baaack! With all his sexiness no less! Some may say he never left, but it's been a while since he last released an album, not to mention TWO!

Peven "The Live Performer" Everett, [I coined that moniker, yeah] has hit us with 2 ultra sexy LPs. I haven't heard Beyond The Universe yet, but Party Of The Year is filled with upbeat and mellow jams that will keep you in groove mode. On it you can find the upbeat, sexy dance grooves you have come to love, as well as mellowed out crooner tracks that make you wanna swoooOOOoooon. Here's a taste from Party Of The Year...
Bangin (Calypso Version)

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Ledisi :: Goin' Thru Changes

Yesterday we informed you of the upcoming release of Ledisi's 4th Studio Album Turn Me Loose. Since then I'm even more excited about it b/c I listened to a few snippets @ her site and I'm already in love w/ it. Growth is apparent! The album sounds as fabulous as she looks! To prove it to you we wanted to present you with the new single for you to hear it yourself.

Goin' Thru Changes

The CD/DVD set is now available for preorder @ Amazon so order now!

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Michael Olatuja - Little Sister feat Terri Walker

Bassist Michael Olatuja's new album Speak is available now! You may have heard of him, he's only played with Terence Blanchard, Patti Austin, Lisa Stansfield, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, and Gretchen Parlato to name a few. It's filled with great soulful vibes plus a name I haven't heard in years, Teri Walker. Terri blesses the track Little Sister in her signature style and leaves the track smoking. Features also include Ty and the recently departed Lynden David Hall.

Michael Olatuja - Little Sister feat Terri Walker

Kev Brown - The Hennesy Joint

New music by Kev Brown, Random Joints, hit the web last week for online downloads at only $7.99. My favorite is The Hennessy Joint which recalls some of the butter production that made me fall in love with Kev Brown back in the day. Check Moovmnt to hear Lord Help Me and check out the video for Random Joints below. Pick up the album and support the real hip hop

Kev Brown - The Hennessy Joint feat Kenn Starr, Wayna, Raheem Devaughn, Eric Roberson and Dre King

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deep Rooted - From the Heart

San Diego based hip-hop group Deep Rooted returns with the track "From the Heart" off their recent, self-titled release. The group of producer Mr. Brady, rapper Johaz, vocalist Just Brea, and DJ Artistic blend a nu-soul feel with hip-hop production to forge a unique sound. In "From the Heart" the beat is straight-ahead, but synth riffs make the time go by in the most soulful way. Meanwhile, singer Just Brea helps create an old school hook that is too in the pocket to not bop your head to. Guest artist, and rising hip-hop star Blu comes in for a verse and his flow mixes right into the Deep Rooted recipe. Look for the self-titled D.E.E.P. R.O.O.T.E.D. out online and in stores everywhere via Clear Label Records

Deep Rooted - From the Heart feat. Blu

Crown City Rockers - Soul

Flaunting one of the groups' most immediate attributes, "Soul," from Crown City Rockers' upcoming album The Day After Forever is a perfect primer as to where the Bay Area group's collective head is at. Over a driving, Bobby Byrd influenced drum track with overlayed jazz chords, emcee Rashaan Ahmad spits tongue twisting rhymes aimed at starting the party. The beat keeps it rough while the rhymes are smooth as an Adidas track suit, and if you close your eyes you can virtually see the hands in the air. The Day After Forever will be out September 29th on Gold Dust. Look for the group's spectacular live show coming to a city near you soon afterwards

Crown City Rockers - Soul

Nicolay - Lose Your Way

This is the first single taken from the upcoming Nicolay album "City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya", in stores September 15 on Foreign Exchange Music/HBD. Music by Nicolay/Lyrics and vocal arrangement by Phonte Coleman All lead and background vocals by Carlitta Durand

Nicolay - Lose Your Way feat Carlitta Durand

Late Pass #22: Ledisi - Soulsinger :: The Revivial

Nine years & some change ago, the Indie Soul scene was introduced to a fire cracker of a voice by the name of Ledisi. Living up to her name which means "to bring forth"; she presented us with her 1st studio album Soulsinger: The Revival, that did just that... it brought us "undergrounders" forth in droves.
Wrapped up in this 17 track album were powerful vocals that commanded your mood to just chill. Not a serene kinda chill though, more of a grown & sexy kinda "let's drink a glass of Cabernet and unwind" kinda chill. She applied a perfect balance of soul and jazz with her own spin to it. The jazz instrumentation accompanied by her [now signature] scatting made it a very entertaining body of work.

As the time draws near for the release of her 4th studio album; Turn Me Loose, [dropping 18th of August] I thought I'd remind ya'll of where she's coming from, because she evidently comes with something greater each time! Here's a lil sum'n sum'n from the B side of Soulsinger, the side I killed over and over and over...

I Want'cha Babe

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Slept on Fresh Daily? I did...

...Please don't make the same mistake! This BK spitter/graphic designer has just made leaps into my fave emcees list! Here are a few joints for you to listen to, to make you believers as well. Also check out his myspace page and peep the joint, Jump, with Jesse Boykins III.
His album, Gorgeous Killer drops next month and you can pre-order it now, I have.

Gotta Go (produced by DJ Spinna)

Untucked Nunchucks (produced by Ski Beatz)

Hanging On feat P.Casso & Print

Monday, July 27, 2009

Album review::Georgia Anne Muldrow::Umsindo

As promised, I'm back with the review of Ms. Muldrow's tribute to the Ancestors; Umsindo which drops July 28th, yup, that's tomorrow! A cohesive album that reminded me of the era when there was gusto in a woman's voice. A time when you heard the words, but you felt the soul. A soul that lives throughout this body of work, and stays true to the name and definition of the album... Umsindo... "sound" in the Zulu language.

With 24 noteworthy tracks it's easy to speak about the album as a whole. It has a "let's kick it and listen to some good music, and maybe have a jam session" kind of vibe [a la Fonky Day]. You don't have to be solely paying attention to the album to hear it. It reaches out to you even if you're fully engaged in conversation. The instruments used to manipulate each song grab your attention. The words, you can't help but hear em. It's like you're going about life being productive and you hear something profound, the good thing is you're able to hit rewind to see what exactly she said.

"Walk in happiness & don't let it go , even if this world grows cold... You got it, complete & whole, you'll be fine cuz you've got soul" Words to live by, sum'n to motivate you thru the day. Words like that you'll hear in Generation/You Got It. Jina Langu Ni Afrika (My Name Is Afrika) and Idlozi are just two of the tracks that would appeal to any dancer because of the drumming. Accompanying her singing &/chanting are the drums. Growing, swelling, then fading as it subtly controls your every move [and repeat].

To keep on her constant path to enlightenment and education she speaks truth & life into John De Conqueror, Uhuru Flight, and Caracas. She speaks of past struggles, current battles and the hope of moving forward over ill intricate loops, sounds, and beats. Voicing her opinion in ways that may piss off some; she flows ever so sickly as she switches between rapping and singing to get the desired effect... to get your attention.

Ms. Muldrow delivered with the reverberation that is Umsindo. The stellar production that can be found in anything Muldrow touches is clearly on display in this her 3rd studio album. The beautifully written personal invitation into her world via E.S.P and Roses is such a testament.

For the aforementioned reasons Pink Bubblegum gives Umsindo 6.5 out of 7 Head Nods.

Head Nod Scale
1=Don't waste your time like I did mine.
2=Waste your time like I did mine but I dare you to disagree.
3=Well, there was the single.
4=If it were a hand in spades there's "two and a possible".
5=It's a "good" album. Meaning at least 3 or 4 solid songs.
6=Really Good Project. Has the "Rewind Factor" more than once.
7=The number of completion. Great Album. Instant Classic.

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Aural Fixation :: Redlight Summer Mix Vol 01

I found this groovy little pill at our affiliate, Nu-Soul Magazine's dope dope site. I haven't listened yet but the track list already kicked off my high. Come and get you some'a this fix, it'll get you high. Here's a list of the stimulants... we don't mess w/ depressants, strictly uppers baby!

AURAL FIXATION by RedLight + DJ AudioMoe
1 :: Git Steppin :: Hi-Tek
2 :: Touch Me Wit Ur Handz (Featuring Chinah Blac) :: DJ Jazzy Jeff
3 :: Keep Your Head Up :: Laurnea
4 :: Stoplayin :: Musiq
5 :: So Good (Dirty) Electrik Red
6 :: Virtual Insanity (Peace of Mind Mix) :: Jamiroquai
7 :: Run To The Sun :: N*E*R*D
8 :: Why Just Be Friends :: Joe
9 :: Come See Me:: Vikter Duplaix
10 :: U Know What's Up :: Donell Jones
11 :: : If I :: Justin Timberlake feat TI
12 :: :: You're Not My Girl :: Ryan Leslie
13 :: Liztomania (Classixx Remix) :: Phoenix
14 :: What's Done Is Done :: Marina Chello
15 :: Paris (Aeroplane Remix) :: Friendly Fires
16 :: Constant Surprises :: Little dragon
17 :: popular too (HAKmix) :: Jimi James
18 :: You Know What :: N*E*R*D
19 :: Walking On A Dream :: Empire of the Sun
20 :: Horizon (Aaron Jerome 2/4 Mix) :: Roy Davis Jr (feat. Terry Dexter)
21 :: Hang Around :: Ben Westbeech
22 :: Golden Boys :: Res
23 :: Red Light Special :: TLC
Download link HERE

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...::Sun Ra Tribute: 7.28.2009 NYC 8PM::...

Here's a track written by King Britt & Rucyl Mills and produced by Ramon Tejada, Sand Can't Tell Time which was released 27.07.2009 for Saturn Never Sleeps. I also dug up this compilation that was done around Sun Ra's BERTHday '09 that you can download HERE titled Adventures on the Sun which features contributions from Ras G, Samon Kawamura, Stevo, and Elaquent to name a few. Mad dope instrumental project w/snippets of Sun Ra speaking throughout! RIP Sun Ra

Ramon Tejada - Sand Can't Tell Time

3 DJs to follow...

Throughout my DJ travels I have met many DJs that, of course, share my passion for music and make dope mixes. In addition, they cause me to re-evaluate my skills as a DJ and help me progress to higher levels. Three of these DJs have new (and some not so new) mixes available that I would like to share with you.
First up, is someone who is not a stranger here, AppleJac. Applejac has found some mixes from 1995 & 2004 that he's sharing at his blog. Check it out and follow the man, he's nice wittit. You must admit it!
Next up is my man DJ Nimbus, he always has the soulful and house flavors. He drops mixes frequently at Club Nimbus. Show him some follow action as well, and he'll continue to bless you w/the butta sounds.
Last but not least, is M Knight. This brother has always been nice on the 1s and 2s, but he's taken it to the next level and has made a video mix to share w/y'all. I'm sure this is just the FIRST in a series, if I know M Knight, so make sure you direct your browser to his blog to make sure you stay abreast of what this brother has to offer!

M Knight - KnightVision Vol 1: The Cool

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

DJ Honda x Mos Def - Magnetic Arts

The last time these two collaborated was 1998 on DJ Honda's II where we got the exceptional Travelin Man. 11 years later the two connect on Honda's IV for Magnetics Arts. Let us know what you think. It sounds like an extended interlude to me, but I kinda dig it...Honda's IV AVAILABLE ON iTUNES: AUGUST 5th 2009

DJ Honda x Mos Def - Magnetic Arts

MORE: This video shows DJ Honda working on the coming album DJ Honda IV.

Vinyl? Check! #39: Let's Get Away!

La Guernica is a Spanish city that was bombed by German and Italian warplanes in 1937. Months later, the Spanish Republican government commissioned Pablo Picasso to create a mural for the 1937 World's Fair which exposed Spain's civil war to the world. Billy Cobham and crew also created a work of art in commemoration of the storied Spanish town, an 8 minute opus of musical goodness which includes a drum solo by Billy Cobham. So sit back, close your eyes and be transported to a funky fusion track from over 3 decades ago that sounds as good now as I'm sure it did then.

Billy Cobham - La Guernica

Vinyl? Check! #38: Running Away!!!

Yesterday, I was visiting my parents and my dad was telling me about albums that they used to listen to while riding the Greyhound back in the day. Yeah, I know, straight old school! He mentioned Eargasm and told me that they used to sing this album front to back. He continued to tell me that Disco Lady was the biggest hit from the album and I remembered that I had it in the collection. I decided to surprise him and sent it to him via email, but his treat is also yours as I will share one of my childhood favorites. Running Out of Lies always got me straight from the intro; the keyboard they used always sounded so funky to me. I never knew the words, so I'm sure I used to create some in my head or just make up sounds for the words as I'm prone to do. In addition, you know I had no clue as to what he was singing about, lol. Anyway, check out Running Out of Lies and be transported to 1976, a time when you could hear music like this on the radio and on television. Those were the good ol' days... BTW, some of the recording of this album took place in Muscle Shoals, Al!

Johnnie Taylor - Running Out of Lies

Saturday, July 25, 2009

4Shades - Ubiquity (Download)

I'm glad they are giving this away for free because this project is a beast! 4shades is comprised of O-D, Katrah-Quey, G Mo, & M.anifest. This project I promise you has some of the most SOULFUL, in a non-watered down use of the term, beats I have heard in a LONG time. Pure fiyah! Favorites are too numerous to mention. Take into account though this is a beattape, so the teases are NUMEROUS, but for justifiable reasons. Download HERE and please let us know what you think!

Gaslamp Killer - Birthday Music

The GasLamp Killer is another one of those California beatsmiths who has recently emerged. You can find him in the ranks of Ras G and Flying Lotus amonst others. His new EP My Troubled Mind drops 8-4-2009 on BrainFeeder. Birthday Music is one of the more easily digestible songs on the EP for the uninitiated, lol. Check out this old mix, We Make It Good Vol.5, where he combines psych, hip hop and grunge. Enjoy

Gaslamp Killer - Birthday Music

Friday, July 24, 2009

MeLo-X - Maxwell's Instrumental Remix EP

Melo-X Returns with another Instrumental EP inspired by a new modern day classic, Maxwell's BLACKsummers'night. Many producers pull from the past for there sampled records but in this project MeLo-X pulls from newly released albums too create his own interpretations of these artist's work. His past Remix EP's for Raphael Saadiq and Amy Winehouse Gained alot of Respect in the producer world as well as the Blogosphere and has even caught the attention of Mark Ronson. With this EP, he ventures in to Spacey time Travel as he chops up Maxwell's new Album too create this head nodding rhythm driven project. This is a new type of project for producers to begin creating. Actually taking a brand new album and Sampling it to create new classic Electronic, HipHop and Soul Music. This is the First Single called "The Highest" Which is Sampled from Maxwell's Bad Habits.The EP drops Officially on Tuesday July 28th with

Melo-X - The Highest

Wax Poetics Sundays This Sunday! July 26, 2009

In our on-going effort of discovering and re-discovering the gems we call vinyl, Wax Poetics Sundays returns..I was excited to see the newest issue #36, their first Brazil Issue. On that note you can expect to hear some of that Brazillian flavor this Sunday (too bad you can't make this one Rah, maybe Brazil pt. 2 in August?).

Don Johnson, JayTeeDee, Jubal John and myself will be holding down the decks (What up Thed?).

Music starts from 1pm-6pm. Charlemagne Records is located at: 1924 1/2 11th Ave S Birmingham, AL 35205 - (205) 322-5349

Much thanks to everyone who came out for the impromptu MJ Tribute last month. There were some great discussions going on in the room with some exceptional tunes to match. One of the highlights for me had to have been Jubal's closing out the session with Never Can Say Goodbye (Big up!).

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The Diamond Soul XXXperience: Culture Shock Edition

Your weekend is about to come alive with the latest from BamaLoveSoul's own DJ Rahdu. A musical experience that takes you from mood to mood as it grooves through the best in soul classics, nu soul, hip hop, broken beat, & funk. This eclectic mix filled with trailblazing artists makes you think "damn, he's playing all my favorite tracks... even though I've never heard them before." The familiarity of each song pulls you into a zone of musical euphoria, and as you complete one genre and travel oh so smoothly to the next, you mentally experience all the flavors music has to offer. An inherent urge to hit the replay button upon each ending, will eventually make you aware that you my friend, have been Culture Shocked. Download HERE

1. FS Green - Preppy Lady
2. Michael Jackson - We're Almost There (DJ Spinna Remix)
3. Regan Fykes - In Love
4. Jill Scott - I'm Not Afraid
5. Masirah - See the Light
6. Archie Bell - Harder & Harder
7. Lee Fields & The Expressions - Ladies
8. J-Live - Braggin Writes
9. DJ Spinna; John Robinson - Lights out
10. Dam Funk - On & On
11. Frank Nitt; DJ Quik; J Black - L.O.V.E
12. Pugs Atomz; Primeridian; Wes Restless - Get it on
13. Mayer Hawthorne - Little Boxes (Weeds intro)
14. Joy Jones - Go Down Moses (Funky Drummer)
15. James Brown - Funky Drummer
16. Nas - Get Down
17. Pac Div - No No
18. A Tribe Called Quest - Jam
19. Q-Tip - For The Nasty
20. Sa Ra - The Bone Song
21. Peter Hadar - Planets
22. Reggie B - Reclaim Ur Mind
23. GB - Dealer Dog
24. Shur-I-Kan - Autumn Leaves
25. Deborah Jordan - Home
26. Chin Chin - go There With You (Ticklah remix)
27. Part time Heroes - Sun Will Shine (scrimshire Remix)
28. Matinalsystem - Tu Voz Es La Musica
29. Afterlife - Sunfish
30. The Latin Project - Cant Get You Out of My Head
31. Chubb Rock; Wordsmith - Ol Skool Flava

DJ Rahdu - The Diamond Soul XXXperience: Culture Shock Edition