Thursday, August 27, 2009

D.Black - On the Go

Before the release of Ali'Yah, D.Black is planning the release of a free EP for all his fans, and the new track, "On The Go" produced by B. Brown, is the first offering from the EP. Throughout the track, D.Black gracefully displays his lyricism over a soulful instrumental that preaches nothing but positivity, a rare occasion in a genre too often dominated by all things materialistic. Lines such as
"Only in time will we recognize spill but in the in times will we recognize the real?" and "I wanna talk to the whole world and turn this rock back to a pearl"
showcase D. Black's talent for penmanship, creativity and willingness to rap about life's intricacies. D.Black's new album, Ali'Yah, will be available September 15th via Sportn' Life Records/MYX Music Label.

D.Black - On the Go


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