Monday, August 10, 2009

Rob Murat - Dilemma Remix 1.0 Feat. Kidz In The Hall

Singer/Songwriter Rob Murat is pleased to bring you the debut video for "Dilemma Remix 1.0" featuring Kidz In The Hall off his recently released album, So Much To Say. The video, which recently premiered on MySpace Music, takes a light-hearted approach as Rob Murat's loyalty is tested in various social settings. With beautiful ladies in abundance in one shot, the dilemma Rob sings about is quickly introduced in the next, as the scene flashes back to his girlfriend. As fellow Ivy Leaguers, Kidz In The Hall, gracefully flow about the issues of being locked down in a relationship, the chorus "I love my woman, but I love my freedom too..." touches on an issue many of us experience with our significant other. Directed by Duane Humeyestewa. Check out the original version sans Kidz in the Hall as well

Rob Murat - Dilemma


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