Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hudson Mohawke - Rising 5

Hudson Mohawke has been working on fresh beats for his first full-length. It's now ready for public consumption, and he's decided to give the "attempt at a sort of prog rock meets vintage soul meets sleazy R&B aesthetic" the title Butter.

Two cuts from this year's Polyfolk Dance EP will get a second outing on the record ("Velvet Peel" and a new version of the title track which now goes under the name of "3.30") as well as his "Star Crackout" track, but the rest of the album contains totally fresh material, with collaborations from Nadsroic, Oliver Daysoul and LA-based boogie aficionado Dam Funk all set to feature. Check out Rising 5 below, which has a very triumphant feel to it and make sure you pick up Butter in October on Warp Records

Hudson Mohawke - Rising 5


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