Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday To Alice Coltrane! / Journey In Satchidananda

Happy Birthday To Alice Coltrane!
Birthday salutations to sister Alice Coltrane who would have turned 72 on this day. May her rich musical legacy continue to flourish and enlighten the world. Please click the link above to learn more about Alice Coltrane.

Journey In Satchidananda
What more can be said about Alice Coltrane? After discovering her by way of the Eternity album and research some 12 years ago, her name alone has earned my utmost respect and attention. This highly essential album (Journey...) was my first pick at the record show here in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago, and after playing it, the fam and I listened to it at least 4 times back to back.

A host of musicians including Rashid Ali (drums), Cecil McBee (bass), and BLS favorite Pharoah Sanders (soprano saxophones) and others congregate to create what Mrs. Coltrane hoped would " a form of meditation and a spiritual awakening for those who listen with their inner ear." On that note, I feel that her (amongst other artists) can redefine the way we listen to music, in ways where sounds and vibrations create colors, peace, understanding, etc...but that leads us into another subject/post entirely lol.

When / if you have about 11 and a half minutes to spare, enjoy this track, Isis and
Osirus, and let the harp, strings, sax, and drums take you on that long awaited
journey. Thank you Mrs. Coltrane!


Blogger Junior Star said...

Just wanted to make mention of Alice Coltrane's family of artists carrying on the musical tradition:

Ravi Coltrane-son-jazz saxophonist
Oran Coltrane-son-saxophonist/soul/club/dance
Flying Lotus-nephew-hip hop/experimental (BLS fav)

Check them out if you haven't already!

August 27, 2009 at 5:33 PM  

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