Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rob Murat - Ready to Love

Back with another R&B-tinged, multi-layered track is singer/songwriter Rob Murat. The track is called "Ready To Love," and features all things that have come to be quintessential of Rob Murat. The driving drums and bass line support a huge range of backing instrumentation that includes handclaps, entire horn sections, backup singers, and electric organ. Moreover, the song tackles one of Rob's favorite subjects: relationships. While the hit "Dilemma" charted a male's struggles with commitment, by the time "Ready To Love" plays it's clear he has made up his mind. There is just one problem, now he is in search of his missing partner,
"Ready to Love is a tale of a guy with a brand new dilemma," says Rob, "He’s lost his girl because he was afraid of commitment, and now he’s doing his best to rally up the masses to help get her back."
Be sure to follow Rob's story by picking up his latest album, So Much To Say, out now on Rob's own Quench Entertainment Group.

Rob Murat - Ready to Love


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