Friday, March 19, 2010

DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: BODEGA MAN // The Jazz Album: Recession Thinking

I'm in love right now...(THANK YOU ERIC!!!! XOXOXO) This music takes me back to the age of 13 (1993) when Hip-Hop was soooooo versatile and fun! Oh, and let's not forget, good. Half of the time, I didn't really know what the rappers were talking about but the jazz influence/ heavy bass production would always get me. That's how I feel about Bodega Man. The music on The Jazz Album: Recession Thinking is so Golden Year Hip-Hop sounding and a breath of fresh air to me. Not to Mention, the way Bodega Man is spittin puts me in the of some classic hip-hop rappers. I am loving this album so much and the best part about YOU knowing is you get to hear it also...and DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE!!!


Bodega Man
<a href="">recession thinking by bodega man</a>

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