Wednesday, March 17, 2010

D'angelo - Brown Sugar (Alternate Version)

After D'Angelo's latest run in with the law, I found myself wondering if we'll ever hear the James River album. Luckily, we have two great volumes of music from Mr.Archer: Brown Sugar (1995) and Voodoo (2000) which have created legions of fans and just as many imitators. While hoping for the newness from D'Angelo, I pulled out this old Brown Sugar single featuring an alternate mix by Ali Shaheed Muhammad that has more of The Ummah feeling than the released single. There were many remixes for the single, Carl Macintosh's Dollar Bag Remix, Dime Bag Remix, Dodge's Soul Inside 808 Mix, and King Tech's remix with Kool G Rap. Obviously Kedar put his money on the sure thing and Brown Sugar as we know it catapulted D'Angelo's first album into the stratosphere.

There are many more obscure and rare treats from Dangelo for the hungry fan which you can hunt down
OR check out DJ Ameldabee- The Soul of D'angelo
and YODA: The Monarch of Neo-Soul

D'angelo -Brown Sugar (Alt. Version) prod. Ali Shaheed Muhammad


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