Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ayah 'This Way' Album Sampler

We've told you about the miracle that is Ayah here before and teased you with some new material. Well here's something else to get you excited about her next project courtesy of our friends at SoulBounce. She and legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff have been hard at work on their upcoming collaboration 'This Way' and they've debut a hefty sampler of material and it's definitely more than expected. Five full songs and seven snippets, just enough to get our heads nodding and leave us wanting more. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Ayah make a perfect producer/artist combination his jazzy soulful style really compliments her vocals. After listing to this I am excited to hear any and everything that Ayah has to offer. This has made it to the top of my most anticipated album list. Download 'This Way' sampler here

Ayah - Forgive Me Love


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