Thursday, March 18, 2010

dnoiseproject 'Late Night EP'

dnoiseproject begins under the collaboration of two musicians, Luigi Portals and Karim Beverlion. After eight years composing music together, several bands and trends, create the project in December 2007 trying to experiment with some of the sounds of different influences taken to throughout their lives.From guitars rock, new sounds through jazz, bossa rhythms, funk, lounge, alternative, hip hop and electronic environments. As its first production show "Late Nite", an EP of seven tracks composed, recorded and produced independently in " La Noria "Homestudio in Monterrey, Mexico, during the second half of 2008, premiered in April 2009. dnp is currently working on his second production and promoting" Late Nite Live. dnoiseproject is an agreement between two friends to the fascinating and mutual love of music. LIFE = MUSIC = LOVE! Late nite is an eclectic album, mysterious, stylish and mature ideas sure you turn over and take you to places that you can only see in dreams. Download 'Late Night' here.

dnoiseproject - Love


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