Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Soft Lipa - Lotion

It must take a real tough and secure dude to openly call himself "Soft" let alone choose it as your rap moniker, these kinds of things don't translate well. However, I don't think Soft Lipa cares too much about that, it's not in his name its in his music and that's all that matters to his fans. You know I'm a big fan of underground music, especially international artists. It's all about stepping outside your comfort zone and challenging your tastes so follow my example and check this dude out. 蛋堡 (Softlipa) is an underground rapper in Taiwan. He quite has a big following in the Mandarin-speaking hip hop community in Taiwan and in Mainland China. Soft Lipa is known for rapping over jazz hip hop beats. The jazzy hip hop instrumentals combined with Soft Lipa’s rapping creates a very chill and laid-back feeling when you listen to it. As far as Soft Lipa’s rap style, he’s a very fluid rapper and he flows very well in Mandarin Chinese. This understandably smooth track is from his acclaimed album 'Lotion' 收敛水 available now (if you can find it). Makes me wanna learn Mandarin to follow along with the flow.

Soft Lipa '關於小熊'


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you can check his blog here

March 19, 2010 at 12:18 AM  

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