Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Something Big! Mixtape (Download)

To celebrate the official release of “Emotions” featuring Sarina Leah and Shaun Escoffery, the debut single from UK hip hop legend Ty's forthcoming album "Special Kind of Fool" on BBE, DJ Bounce has put together the "Something Big! Mixtape", featuring a diverse range of friends and collaborators from all over the world. "Emotions" is an uplifting bubbler featuring Ty’s trademark candor and inimitable flow, an infectious dance floor music track, with depth. Featuring remixes from heavyweight producers Daz-I-Kue, Waajeed, Dego (4Hero) and Akwasi, it's out on BBE now.
Download Something Big! Mixtape HERE
<a href="http://tymusics.bandcamp.com/track/ty-emotions-feat-sarina-leah-shaun-escoffery-album-version">Ty &quotEmotions&quot feat. Sarina Leah &amp Shaun Escoffery (Album Version) by tymusic</a>


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Thanks for the support!

Cover art available here -


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