Friday, January 15, 2010

Corinne Bailey Rae - The Sea (Interview) + Live Performance

This may be the artist I'm most eager to hear something from this year and she's keeping me informed so I'm happy. Hob knobbing about in Twitter this week, I came across Cash & Caviar's tweet about Corinne Bailey Rae's Paris appearance and interview. Naturally, I thought I'd borrow it and share with the BamaLoveSoulians. Her album is slated for release 2.2.10 anddddd...

"Order now at iTunes and receive instantly “I’d Do It All Again” plus the bonus tracks “Little Wing” & “It Be's That Way Sometime” (available only with a pre-order)

Order now at Amazon and receive the bonus MP3 “Love's On Its Way (Live at The Tabernacle, London)”" - Corinne Bailey Rae

Corinne Bailey Rae speaking on "The Sea" (via Trace)

and since we spoke about Jimi Hendrix yesterday...

Corinne Bailey Rae - Little Wing (Live)


Anonymous Matthew said...

Damn, it looks like I missed out on the 2nd track from iTunes as they've already removed it...

What a great album. Can't wait to see her in April.

February 4, 2010 at 6:43 AM  

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