Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jimi Hendrix - Valleys of Neptune (Coming Soon)

"Twelve previously unreleased, but fully realized Jimi Hendrix studio recordings are to be made available on a new album, the late U.S. music icon's estate said.

The tracks are to appear on "Valleys of Neptune," which is set for release March 9, it was announced Monday.

"Centered around tracks recorded during a pivotal and turbulent four-month period in 1969, 'Valleys of Neptune' unveils the original Jimi Hendrix Experience's final studio recordings

, as the group lays down the foundation for its follow-up to 'Electric Ladyland,' alongside the guitar superhero's first sessions with bassist Billy Cox, an old army buddy he'd recruited into his new ensemble," Experience Hendrix LLC and Sony Music Entertainment's Legacy Recordings said in a news release." -

Yeah, I'm excited...

Jimi Hendrix - Have You Ever Been (To Electric Lady Land)


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