Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mark de Clive Lowe + Mark Force (Bugz in the Attic) 2004 Demo (Download)

Mark sez, "from the vaults... G-Force aka Mark Force came round to my spot one day in 2004 with a couple of dope beats (Clearly Thru U and MashForce1)and i rinsed out some keys for them. we always intended it to be a 12" (back in the days when such things were common place still lol), but it just never manifested. the tracks never got mixed down, but the demo vibe is ill on both jams, so here they are to share... enjoy!

G-Force on the beats, MdCL on the bass n keys, Bembe Segue dropping a lil mic science

MashiBeats x Mark Force - Clearly Thru U feat Bembe Segue
Download Both Tracks HERE


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