Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birmingham Hip Hop Scene

Bettina Byrd-Giles asked many of us on Facebook and on her blog what did we think of the Birmingham Hip Hop Scene. Below you'll find my response. Read her initial blog and the comments of others by clicking here.

Ah...Hip Hop in Birmingham. For me, I won't go back to what it "was" I'll write about what "it is"... Alive! But before you can accurately talk about something I feel it important to define what it is you are talking about. What is "Birmingham Hip Hop"? For the purposes of this blog entry I'll define it as, "art inspired by life; usually but not limited to artists from the less privileged population*."

There is a thriving hip hop scene in Birmingham now, but it's sometimes difficult to find "the scene" because of several factors. If you don't limit yourself to only the people/artists you already know of and you don't limit yourself to only attending events at certain venues, you'll find many talented and exciting artists in and around The Magic City. If you trust your friends and are willing to be exposed to "new" music and/or culture, then, when you hear or read that there is something going on at a spot that you may have never heard of, go check it out. That's how I've come to know and enjoy Birmingham Artists like, R-Tist, Constantine the Emcee, DJ FX, ComplEt, Biti, 7even, Alabama Power, Tig Knight, Attitude, Jr. Star, etc. the list could go on and on. Continues HERE


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