Monday, August 10, 2009

Minmi 'Shiki no Uta'

My favorite place in the world is Japan, the food, the technology, the culture, the women, er and the music. I've posted here before about how Japanese musicians are deeply influenced by hip-hop and soul and you can definitely hear it in the music that has been coming out from there and slowly making its way over here and this track is no exception. Michiko Evwana, aka MINMI, started her musical career around 1996 by performing at ruba dub showcases and hip hop events at the clubs in Osaka, and also started to make her original tracks around this period. She also participated in the works of the label of the Japanese Big Sound like Red Spider and MIGHTY JAM ROCK. Those CDs became a hit, not only in a Reggae market but also the Hip Hop market. Fans of Samurai Champloo will instantly know this song. Her voice just dances over the track and the soulful jazzy rhythm makes you instantly nod along with it. Even if you don't understand her lyrics you instantly connect to it because good music is a universal language.

Minmi 'Shiki no Uta'


Anonymous Anonamas said...

This is dope - it's something about her cadence on the track that draws you in..

August 10, 2009 at 5:49 AM  

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