Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What to Buy Pt 3: N'dambi - Pink Elephant

Funny enough, while DJing this weekend I was bombarded with questions like, "what are you feeling now?" and "what album do you just love?" IF I had popped this in and listened to it before that gig, I would have said, "N'Dambi's Pink Elephant."
This is a soul album unlike many in the shelves today. You can catches hints of Chaka Khan to Mary j Blige all while staying true to the N'Dambi that we fell in love with on Little Lost Girl Blues.

The One is a stand out to me for nostalgic reasons, mainly the Isaac Hayes sample that is a benefit of her signing to the Stax label. The One is just one example of the true soul aesthetic that flows throughout the album thanks to Leon Sylvers III who produced the project

N'Dambi - The One
BTW: My harddrive crashed so I was unable to finish The Most Beautiful mixtape...it may see the light of day later, who knows


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