Monday, October 5, 2009

Mocky 'Birds of a Feather'

I know what you're thinking... Who or what in the blue ____ is a Mocky? But after you take a listen to his music you'll be asking yourself, why is he so dope?. According to the bio for his album 'Saskamodie' "Mocky has a reputation for surprising people with his music." And I was pleasantly surprised to come across this gem. 'Birds of a Feather' is a classic jazz inspired, soul and pop infused track that is melodic and infectious. And just when you thought it couldn't get any more trippy he enlisted the help of the illest rhymesayer on Wu-Tang, GZA (sorry Raekwon) to liven up the remix. Mocky may be unknown around these parts for now, but I hope that will soon change.

Mocky ' Birds of a Feather'

Mocky 'Birds of a Feather' (Remix) featuring GZA

Mocky '
Saskamodie' available now on Amazon


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