Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sene - EveryDejaVu

Sene's album entirely produced by Blu, entitled "ADayLate&ADollarShort," drops on October 13th on Shaman Work Recordings. Here is the first leak from the upcoming album, entitled "EveryDejaVu" produced by Blu.

Sene sez, "We wanted to go gospel choir on this one..for the chorus that's what I was feeling. I was in LA when I wrote this...Back and forth stressing with the business end of this project, spending so much time wanting to make sure things went right that I felt like I was missing out on everything around me, one day I woke up and felt like a month passed me and i didnt get to experience a day of it...I started self evaluating events in my life that lead to that point."

The first single for the joint "QuarterWaterSupporter / PleaseDon'tRain" is out now via iTunes, so please support prior to the actual album release on October 13th!

Sene - EveryDejaVu


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