Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jern Eye - Get Down Remix

Jern Eye, coming strong off the release of his new album Vision, has teamed up with producer BOAC for a remix of the album's first single official single, "Get Down" featuring fellow West Coast emcee Z-Man!. The track doesn’t stray from the up-tempo style that the original brought forth, but does have its own flavor. BOAC stuck to playing everything himself, avoiding samples on his version, which gives the remix a live feel. A funky synthesizer and piano melody are prevalent throughout the song with added percussion rhythms to fill out the beat. BOAC had this to say about the remix version,
"The original 'Get Down' is real fresh. Keelay and Zaire produced the perfect funky beat for Jern Eye, who killed it lyrically. I like the challenge of taking a classic song and flipping the vibe completely. I was almost finished with it, when I realized Z-Man would sound dope on it. I played it for Z, he was feeling it and the rest is history."
Z-Man! also delivered a stellar verse that shines on the track in it's own right. Z-Man!'s tongue twisting flow doesn’t bore the listener at all as he raps,
"I'm a human cartoon makin' moves and keep a sharp tongue through these dizzy interviews, rippin' anyone of you's, I'm a real rapper-the ill rapper that'll kidnap the kidnappers kidnapper."
Make sure to check out Jern Eye's newest release Vision now available everywhere via MYX Music Label. Download Jern Eye's The Eye Exam Mixtape HERE

Jern Eye - Get Down Remix Feat. Z-Man! (Prod. by BOAC)


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