Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rodney Hunter - Dedications EP (Coming Soon)

This Hithunter obviously never sleeps. Just when you thought he would kick back and relax after the highly perceived Ministry of Sound release "Freak On", he returns with another bag of hits. "Dedications" is an ode to the people that have been down with Hunter Sound from the start, the friends and the critics. Despite a heavy schedule including recording sessions, remix work, touring the globe and his undercover second life as a g-stoner... he still manages to deliver the goods. The "Dedications" EP is the first release on his own newly founded label Hunter Recordings. And what a worthy debut this is! All in all, 4 songs spanning from dub to future electronics genre wise.
Check out "Cool Relaxation" or to put it in Mr. Hunter's own words: "sit back relax and let yourself go". Don't be surprised to hear this Hunter masterpiece all over the place from October on.

Rodney Hunter - Cool Relaxation


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