Friday, September 4, 2009

Outasight 'Downtown In My Mind + 'Brand New Day'

Hip-Hop lately has been very hit or miss with me. Sometimes I think its a hit, but so many other times you can miss me with that sh*t (c) Jeezy. So I find it refreshing when something comes out that actually makes me believe in the genre that I once loved and doesn't piss me off. Outasight is an artist that always puts out a good product and 'Downtown In My Mind' is no exception. The emcee/crooner sings and flows effortlessly over a smooth melodic beat by D/Will. This is the single from his upcoming mixtape 'Brand New Sessions' available on September 28th for Free 99. 'Brand New Day' (produced by 6th Sense) starts off sounding like a down home gospel song and then the beat drops creating a nice backdrop for Outasight's signature flow. The first leak from his upcoming full release 'From There To Eternity' TBA. If these tracks are any indication of the final projects then there's still hope for hip-hop.

Outasight 'Downtown In My Mind'

Outasight 'Brand New Day'


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