Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Moovmnt with Nalden presents: The Afterthought

After the Beat Battle at the Rooms of Red Bull took place last month, Moovmnt decided to release a compilation album to give everybody a glimpse of what took place that night. Now it seemed to take ages before we received all the correct audio and when we got everything locked, we decided to ask our friend JayHats to mix everything down to give it that harmonic sound. We really put in some work here and went all out by asking every contestant for one beat. Some were hesitant, but most loved the idea. They recognize what 'A Moovmnt with Nalden' is trying to do for the beat community and thus "The Afterthought" became a fact. If you were at the battle please keep in mind that the beats you heard live at the battle may sound a bit different from this compilation. If you truly want to relive the moment I suggest you play these beats in a residential area, preferably as loud as possible. Shouts out to Moovmnt, get the tracklisting HERE and download HERE


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