Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dam-Funk :: Toeachizown Vol. 3: Life

Dam-Funk has released the 3rd installment in his Toeachizown series. Available @ Stones Throw, Toeachizown Vol.3 Life is a 5 track EP that will make you appreciate the genius that Dam_Funk is.

He had this to say; “This particular part of my debut; Toeachizown is Vol. 3 & it's called Life because these songs focus on relationships; good ones & weird ones (if U will). These songs also include vocals on all the tracks... All the songs on Life I hope connect with my friends who dig my take and contribution to this strain of Funk, which I consider Melodic-Funk, influenced by such great artists that came before me like: Loose Ends, KASHIF, MTUME, and some of Steve Arrington's (of SLAVE) more mellower solo joints. I also enjoyed creating “Could I Be Losing Another Lover?”. This one's dedicated 2 all who may be able 2 relate 2 this type of situation. Bottom line, I just thank U 4 listening. Stay tuned for Vol. 4: Hood. Peace fam.” – D-F

Luckily, Could I Be Losing Another Lover is my favourite track on the EP, so here goes...

Pick up the EP HERE.


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