Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ezel - From the Beyond Section Sampler vol.1

Ezel sez, "In the following 13 minutes of music, U will hear and feel something that until now i’ve kept very well hidden from all of you.
I’ve titled this sampler “The Beyond Section” because it encompasses a glimpse of the things that has been crossing my mind, the messages that i’ve received and the inspiration that i’ve found thru my gravitation under realms far beyond of house or what you shall might know me for until the present day.

Beyond is not necessarily better, beyond is a possibility; the possibility of freshness and self-discovery and to know that all boundaries surrender to the spirit that searches with love and open heart, for such is my love for Soul,hiphop, and beatmaking that i needed to express and almost explode into the amalgam of emotions that these grooves/beats bring me."

This sampler has some REALLY great beats that got my head to nod with wreckless abandon. The 13 minutes zip by and beg you to press rewind. Go HERE to listen AND download. Check out more from Ezel HERE as well.


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