Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some Folks Just Need to Get Got...

Connoisseur's of the chase scene, The Herbaliser sure know how to make tension funky. The band has been perfecting their soundtrack and vintage funk chops since they first started touring with a live band set-up near the turn of the millennium. Now in peak form, the band is re-visiting an outlet The Session Series designed to showcase the way their songs are performed live. For Session 2, tracks from throughout the Herbz career are recorded as they are performed on the road: searing horns, tasteful scratching, and enough momentum to drive a semi-truck. With the original Sessions now an out-of-print collector's item, the timing couldn't be better. Check out The Herbaliser performing When I Shine with Bahamadia HERE.

The Herbaliser - Geddim!


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