Wednesday, June 24, 2009

GB Free Downloads!!!

peace this is gb, writing to inform you of various free downloadable albums on my web site, as of late, i am advocating the expansion of free music through my site. lots of material which i haven't released otherwise. "gb interprets his contemporaries" is the first of these free downloads, which includes remixes i've done for flying lotus, muhsinah, a race of angels, little dragon, exile, and the beach boys. also on the site are two other albums, "birthmark between eyebrows" (recorded in 2006) and "beats by gb (2001-2004)."there will be lots more free music available in the future in a wide variety of styles. several dance 12"s, productions with others like j*davey and a race of angels, more straight ahead beats, and tonal compositions. hope you all enjoy.

GB - 208 Strings


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