Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Amy Serrata - Rooted

Amy Serrata features a seamless musical blend of soul, hip-hop and jazz, tied together with Amy’s signature vocals, and uplifting approach to songwriting. “I hope people can listen to my songs and relate to the messages or be touched by them. I wanted to give a message of confidence to others its ok to be scared by life sometimes. But to let fear stop you in life is not ok.”
“My music is meant to heal and bring people together because the words are positive and they make us see that we are only human. We all go through similar things but we can all be better and inspire each other to be our best.” She also tackles serious subject matter such as child abductions on “My Baby My Child.”Look out for Amy performing various dates around California, including opening for Aloe Blacc, as well as collaborative performances with Bay Area MC Niamaj.

Amy Serrata - Rooted


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