Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vinyl? Check! #28: Born To Do It!

The majority of times when I purchase vinyl I let the recording artist or the album credits influence my purchase. Seldom, do I purchase an album based on the cover. This album, B.B.King's There Must Be A Better World Somewhere is one of those albums, as I am not a blues man in the least. I did, however, look at the credits and saw songs featuring sax solos by Hank Crawford and "Fathead" Newman which definitely got my attention, so I went to the record player and was blown away. Expecting to hear tunes similar to The Thrill is Gone or Lucille I was instead exposed to songs such as Life Aint Nothing But a Party and Born Again Human which were nothing like some of his trademark songs. The latter is a bluesy number that features solos by both Crawford and Newman which is definitely a treat. At 3:30 into the song, King enters, delivering his vocals that add the icing to an already delicious cake. Enjoy Born Again Human below.

B.B. King - Born Again Human


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