Saturday, May 2, 2009

For the D! (Motor City Music)

One of Detroit's favorite crews is back, Figuratively and Literally! Slum Village returns with a new track Cloud 9 which includes a verse by former member Baatin. Is he back with the group? Time will only tell. You heard this track first on Marsha Ambrosius' mixtape, but here's the DJ free version.

Slum Village - Cloud 9 feat Marsha Ambrosius

Here's a new track, F.A.N.S., produced by Black Milk for Phat Kat's new album Tha Katakombz which has been in creation for awhile now. Go HERE to check out Phat Kat's remake of It Aint Hard to Tell (yes, that "It Ain't Hard to Tell") and listen to F.A.N.S. below. Leave us a Love Note and let us know what you think.

Phat Kat - F.A.N.S.


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