Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Angel - Supa Crucial Downtempo Remixes and Rarities

This album charts many of the collaborations thorugh The Angel’s career. From back in the day; the one-time Garth Trinidad (KCRW) favorite by Jaz Klash, “Thru The Haze (The Angel Remix),” where The Angel remixed her jazzy dnb collaboration with Bristol’s More Rockers, to new remixes courtesy of DJ Drez, who gives both versions of The Angel’s “Destiny Complete” feat Mystic, the Jahta treatment. Divine Styler appears on the album on both sides of the mixing board; remixing The Angel’s “Make It Betta” (feat Tre Hardson), originally a limited vinyl only release, while also guesting on vocals on both the “Act I” and “Act III” mixes of “Act As If.” The Dread Flimstone & Pale Face remix redub of 60 Channels’ “Ride With The Flow,” originally a limited vinyl only release, the O.G. version of which was featured in the TV shows “Six Feet Under” and “La Femme Nikita.” Headset’s (Plug Research) unreleased remix of “OK...Alright” by Mystic, recently unearthed, available here for the first time. Tre Hardson “10 Million Ways,” produced by The Angel is also previously unreleased. IN STORES NOW!

Tre Hardson - Make It Betta

60 Channels - Ride With The Flow" (Reflow Remix Redub) feat. Navigator & Cokni O’Dire

Check out Tre Hardson DJ-ing a set of songs from his collabs with The Angel and his own catalogue:


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