Monday, May 18, 2009

Pseudo Slang - Broke & Copasetic

Pseudo Slang formed officially in 2004 with the release of their debut project, The Catalogue, a comprehensive collection of Xtracts' Of Slang and Pseudo Intellectuals' unreleased work recorded between 1999 and 2004, which was released via the duo's self-funded and managed record label, Baby Steps Hip-Hop, Inc. The resulting buzz around The Catalogue led to Pseudo Slang inking a deal with Fat Beats Records in 2005 and releasing their debut single, "Broke & Copasetic" in 2006.

On We'll Keep Looking, a title referencing overcoming everyday struggle and the search for artistic inspiration, creativity often sparked for the duo over a plate of barbeque while listening to records at Tone Atlas' home. Conversation led to verses, and those verses, laid over Tone's jazz and soul-inspired concoctions, led to the unique sounds heard throughout the album, including "Broke & Copasetic," the album's lead single, featuring R&B songstress Vinia Mojica. It was that unique sound that caught the ear of Fat Beats Records, and now, three years after inking their deal, We'll Keep Looking has finally arrived. We'll Keep Looking will be released on Fat Beats records on June 2! Shouts out to Audible Treats for this gem

Pseudo Slang - Broke & Copasetic featuring Vinia Mojica


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