Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tanya Morgan - Never Enough

Tanya Morgan has just moved to Brooklynati and they're already head over heels in love. Whether it's loving two women equally or jonesin' over a new crush, in their new song "Never Enough," each side of the game is represented, from the pimp (Von Pea), to the simp (Donwill), and even to the family man (Ilyas). Donwill describes "Never Enough" as "the song about unconditional love and how it can seem crazy to love something THAT much, but when it's a person sometimes it's not as crazy as it seems."
With production by Von Pea and Carlita Durand providing the vocals, "Never Enough" features a funk influenced baseline, addictive hook, and horn-laden melody reminiscent of old school '70s tv shows. Listen to the upbeat track and let Tanya Morgan's lyrical mastery remind you of the special people that warm your heart.
Brooklynati is one of the Top Ten best selling hip-hop albums on iTunes! Pick it up HERE

Tanya Morgan - Never Enough feat. Carlita Durand


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