Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet DJ King Most!

I was introduced to King Most through a remake he did of RAMP's Daylight. I used it as the first song in a mix and can't find it anywhere! If anyone has that mix please hit me up. Anyway, he's done many album sampler/mixes that you can find on BamaLoveSoul AND he has his own blog that you should check out. The name of his blog is Tumble Fever and this is where you can find many mixes, remixes and tunes that he has created and participated in. Here's a conversion of Universal Mind Control from electro to Afrobeat! Yep, i told you he was dope. Also, he advised me to keep my eyes peeled for a new album that he's working on that contains a laundry list of dope emcess, Yes!

Common X King Most - Universal Mind Control


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