Friday, February 6, 2009

B'ham Love Pt. 7, 8 & 9/28: DJ Heron, The Unseen Ummah, & Anonymous MCs

Precise Elements was a crew that consisted of DJ/Producer Heron Sparks, MCs Shaheed & Rahsul(The Unseen Ummah) and graphic designer C-Lo.

DJ Heron is one of the few Birmingham producers I would go to if I were an MC and wanted to make an album. Not only is he nice on the MPC, he's also nice on the 1s and 2s. Here is a "true school" hip hop mix he did back in the day

DJ Heron Mix

DJ Heron primarily made beats for an emcee duo from his Precise Elements crew, The Unseen Ummah (Shaheed & Rahsul), who were arguably two of the best emcees "I" heard on The Eargasm stage. The Unseen Ummah released a 4 track EP that I never returned to Serge Jah that was slamming and also featured production from another dope Birmingham producer, Supreme. Novelists is a lush track, produed by DJ Heron, with an old school appeal via the drum track, shaker and the delays that accompany the emcee's vocals. Enjoy

The Unseen Ummah - Novelists

Anonymous MCs was another crew that used to rock the mic at The Eargasm. I rememeber this night precisely because of the way they captured lightning in a bottle that night. There was either actually a drought (not the one caused by lack of rain) going on at that time or we had just come out of one and they performed this song to a crowd that went NUTS. This came from another CD that I acquired from never returned to Serge Jah. What's up Serge, LOL

Anonymous MCs - The Drought


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