Tuesday, February 10, 2009

B'ham Love Pt. 10, 11 &12/28: Supreme, The Metaphizx, & DJ F/X

Supreme is a staple on the B'ham hip hop scene and is the father of the legendary hip hop showcase, The Eargasm. Not only did he create a spot for the 4 elements to be experienced, he is also an emcee and producer. Supreme has produced/written many local and worldwide hits most notably W.Ellington Felton’ s Funky Feeling which enjoyed time on BETJ and Unconditional Eyes by Amp Fiddler which was championed by the reknowned Gilles Peterson. Supreme is currently working with Raheem Devaughn creating remakes of some of your favorite songs from the past and is the host of Hot 107.7’s Classic Hip Hop Show.

Supreme - Beat NO.12

The Metaphizx was comprised of some of the best emcees on the Bham scene: Inkline, R-Tist, Biti, Poltagyst and Rahsul. These Bham representers dropped some of the illest lines I never expected to hear from Bham emcees. Their project featured full production by Supreme and cuts by the one and only DJ F/X.

The Metaphizx - Zsa Zsa Zsa

When you mention Bham turntablists, there’s one name that’s bound to come up: DJ F/X. DJ F/X has been cutting since 1992, performing at all the hip hops nights, appearing on radio, securing several club residencies and backing up your favorite emcees. DJ F/X is now a member of The Green Seed with Complet and R-Tist. Check his skills here


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wow, never seen Supreme with locks!

I can't listen to any music on ur site. not sure why

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