Monday, December 7, 2009

Obba Supa Featuring Evil Ed & John Robinson: Midnight Mathematics

“6 months ago I came into contact with a Dr who had died in the year 2070; he ate mango meat and quoted a poem by Parsifal. We spoke on the metaphysics of exchanging time with space over goat cheese, sweet potatoes and super malt. I enquired about the plotline of the final episode of Hollyoaks.
He had questions of music……
I answered with The OBBA SUPA.
He nodded and disappeared Behind him he left a paper explaining the relation between the vibrational frequencies of midnight and the correlation of it with a Greek record by Mapineaa. Knowing nothing of the intricate art of vibration manipulation, I passed on the mathematics and the record to The OBBA SUPA. 29 hours later I received this…………………………….”
Extract taken from the life and times of the entity called you…….

Sounds quite esoteric, eh? But the music isn't...or is it?!?!
Pick up the 10" HERE or click HERE for a FREE D/L of the remix

Obba Supa - Midnight Mathematics Remix featuring Evil Ed, Ray Vendetta & John Robinson


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Robinson Bodied that Joint! Dayyum!

December 9, 2009 at 12:23 PM  

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