Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trizonna McClendon - New Familiar

The official first single by Chicago's own Trizonna McClendon entitled Shatter Proof. Unlike her teaser single My Special where Trizonna serenades her fictitious beau, Shatter Proof is a song of triumph that sees the artist break through the so called “glass wall” put up by a hurt man who vowed to never fall in love again. Taken from her sophomore effort New Familiar, Shatter Proof is the extremely groovy antithesis to the bonus single Find My Way that accompanies the official single. Produced by veteran Chicago producer Andy C (the man behind the fusion collective BSTC), Shatter Proof is the precursor to the New but Familiar sound that embodies Trizonna McClendon’s heavily anticipated follow up album.

Shatter Proof

Find My Way


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