Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bisco Smith - Fresh Water (Blockhead Remix)

Bisco Smith's forthcoming visionary record The Broadcast (Jan 19, 2010) pushes the boundaries of traditional hip-hop. Long associated with Def Jux, Bisco took the logical step of securing a remix by legendary Def Jux house beat master Blockhead.

Blockhead manages to give the Fresh Water a more traditional hip-hop beat to ride without sacrificing any of the grime or edge that makes the track so compelling. With muted horns and turntable scratches, hearing Bisco's words twisted around a Blockhead beat is thrilling for fans of either artist.

Bisco's music, always rich in imagery, delves uniquely into the theme of media transmissions throughout The Broadcast. "Fresh Water" is an explicit exploration of radio broadcasting and its influence in the music world. The song addresses how powerful of an authority mainstream radio is, and just how sinister its influence can be on impressionable ears. Bisco was clearly influenced by his experience being somewhat of a hip-hop tutor to kids in his spare time when writing "Fresh Water." The whole song was written really for the younger radio influenced world - trying to fight the misconceptions that get fed to them

Bisco Smith - Fresh Water (Blockhead Remix)

Bisco Smith - Fresh Water


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