Tuesday, December 1, 2009

JayTeeDee presents A Blues For Kissey

Mesmerizing and demure, her allure is a thing of mystery. Her soft-spoken offbeat style is not the typical type you would attribute to the standard soul singer. But when she sings your ears stand at attention. Swedish electro-soul songstress Kissey Asplund is an addictive wonder, and I've been hooked on her sound ever since I first heard her music on Myspace. Her sound and style was so intriguing I not only had to find out more about her music but also about the music that she listened too because it was so inspired. It's through her unique style and ear for music is how I found all the artists that I love today and probably wouldn't have if I hadn't heard of her first. Her music is one of the reasons that I do what I do. And it's only fitting that I pay tribute to one of the artists that inspires me. This special tribute mix 'A Blues For Kissey' is a blend of some of my favorite Kissey Asplund tunes. Some from her extraordinary debut album 'Plethora' and other rare gems, guest appearances, and exclusives that showcase her amazing talent. If you haven't been up on Kissey Asplund before then I hope this will urge you to get to know her. I'm sure you'll be as hooked on her as I am.

JayTeeDee presents A Blues For Kissey

Track List

Late Night Reprise (Intro)
Beam Me Up
Another Glass
Hey Cat (Cerebral Vortex)
Autumn Love (Dyno)
When I Dig (Kid Kanevil)
99 Bottles (Suff Daddy)
Put It Down (Replife)
Northern Lights Interlude
Faster (Hi-Perspective)
In My Mind (Sam Champion)
Space Water Babies (The Astronotes)
Move Me
Adore (DJ Hen Boogie)

Download: A Blues for Kissey (Right Click/Save As)



Anonymous The Real KDilla¬© said...

On-point review, as usual. I think that Kissey's voice is sometimes reminiscent of Yukimi Nagano (Little Dragon - both very dope artists...

The Real KDilla©

December 8, 2009 at 9:17 AM  

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