Thursday, November 26, 2009

Georgia Anne Muldrow - King's Ballad (February 2010)

King's Ballad is a celebration of creativity and uniqueness, things that are necessary to a meaningful life expression. Slicing pop n’lock-friendly funk with gospel and gracious soul Georgia Anne Muldrow is shining as a true West Coast original. The seeds of early experimental releases are now blossoming as her trademark scattershot beats and adventurous deep jazz melodies have grown to become the backbone for fully crafted songs.

Left to her own devices on Kings Ballad, she has come up with what her partner (MC and producer Dudley Perkins) describes as her most “pop” record to date (READ: more easily accessible and digestible). If only all pop was this free-spirited and barefaced. With aspirations to be a modern-day Quincy Jones, Muldrow is truly a renaissance musician. She is always looking to take her craft to a higher ground. She channels her unstoppable creativity into music that is commercially viable but does not lose sight of her essence as an artist who challenges the norm.
Listen to and PreOrder King's Ballad HERE


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